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Livall, A Cycling Helmet With Breathtakingly Smart Features

Livall Bling Helmet BH-60

For anyone safety is regarded as one of the uncompromising conditions of life. Especially if you are a cyclist, covering your head with a helmet is a key necessity. Considering this huge importance of cyclist’s safety on the road Livall has just unleashed a new smart helmet coded as BH60 which is a feature rich helmet with several strong security features.

Almost all reviewers and experts are of the opinion that the new Livall smart helmet will revolutionise the road safety for the cyclists besides offering an array of features for a joyful ride. SOS alert sending capability in case of any ghastly accident, hi-if Bluetooth speaker system for music listening on the go, smart remote control on the handlebar for secure navigation on the way and heart rate monitor of the cyclists are some of the awesome features you can expect from this never-before smart cycling helmet.

Presently going through a hugely applauded Kickstarter campaign the product is supposed to hit the market anytime soon. It is one of the smartest products to make life easier for the cyclists on the way.

Let us have a look at some of the key features of this helmet.

Heart Rate Monitor

The new helmet comes loaded with a fully functional heart rate monitor to track the heart rate of the cyclist throughout a ride. This is particularly useful for cyclists going through training and performance improvement program. A heart rate monitor allowing you evaluate your exact heart rate will make it easy to boost performance and prepare you for tough rides. When cycling if your heart rate touches an alarming level, it can send you automatic voice alert.

Passing Signals And Warning Back Lights

While taking turns at the darkness of the night does involve some dangers and the BH81H smart helmet helps you manoeuvring controls of the cycle by turning signals through the bling remote controller. In addition to this, the prominent LED indicator lights will provide a further guard against the overtaking or approaching traffic.

SOS Alert

In spite of such precautions and dangers on the road accidents occur. Following such an accident that troubles you physically getting prompt medical aid is necessary. This smart helmet offers a solution to this problem as well. By detecting such a condition when you fall on the ground it automatically sends emergency messages to the preset contact person who can be most concerned about your safety.


Cyclists like to have a brief conversation with the fellow riders but that becomes improbable most of the times as one needs to focus on the approaching way in front of him. The BH81H helmet is also equipped with the LIVALL Riding App allowing cyclists to use Walkie-Talkie for on the go talking.

Phone Calls

By sporting this smart helmet receiving phone calls while cycling became more easier than ever before. All you need is to press in the middle of the remote controller and talk with the other end straight.

Play Music While Cycling

Relying on a wired headphone speaker BH81H helmet by offering a Bluetooth speaker allows you listening music and enjoying the ambient sound while cycling.

Capture Images

This revolutionary helmet also allows you capture sharp images while cycling. Just push the photo shooting button on the bling remote controller and capture awesome images which will be stored in the accompanying LIVALL Riding App. Obviously, this is really a safe option compared to the use of selfie stick or snapping images one handedly with mobile on one hand.

Bling Remote Controller, Awesome And Smart

Bling remote controller is considered to be the key element allowing most of the smart manoeuvres with this new Livall helmet and Livall smart app. Though this controller on the handlebar you can do so many things like controlling the volume, making calls, take crisp and sharp images, and control tail lights when required. To give your safety measure strength it allows pressing the right or left the button on the handlebar allowing people to see which direction you are going towards.

Here is how the Bling remote controller actually works.

Connect the helmet with the Bling Remote: Just by turning on both the helmet and the Bling remote connection is established.

Connect the Smartphone with the helmet: For playing music tracks right from your smartphone or for connecting the phone you can establish the connection with the smartphone over Bluetooth 4.0 network.

Connect the helmet with the LIVALL Riding App: To activate additional features available with the accompanying app you can connect the helmet with the Livall app and enjoy functional benefits of features such as Walkie-Talkie calling, photo button, and SOS alert. With so many smart and futuristic features and so stronger safety mechanism, the new Livall Helmet accompanied with the Livall Riding app seems to be all equipped to redefine cycling experience once and for all.