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Lighthouse: A Truly Futuristic AI Powered Home Security Camera


When we talk of futuristic innovations, we often refer to those ahead of time with a few steps. But, the 3D sensing, AI-powered camera from Lighthouse is actually ahead of existing technology in security camera by several miles. It is truly a never-before security camera with versatile features.

Wouldn’t you get amused with your home security camera being able to sense what it’s looking at? Yes, that’s what Lighthouse does with its intelligent camera equipped with machine learning. The basic premise behind Lighthouse is building a camera that can recognise the objects by using its 3D-sensing lasers and an array of hi-tech machine learning manoeuvres. The camera was in the making for years, and finally the fruit of this innovation-driven project has come out on the market this month.

It stands unique with visual answering

Apart from the 3D sending that helps recognising objects by the camera, another unique aspect of the camera is how it captures and processes the footage. It is built to work more as an intelligent camera assistant than just a home security camera. It is equipped with an in-app natural language processing system just like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to answer your relevant queries about what’s going inside your house. When you ask it “where is the dog” it comes with the relevant footage of the dog’s whereabouts as the visual answer.

Setting alerts for unrecognised person

The best thing is that you can set the alert system of the camera to tell you instantly when it doesn’t recognise a person or a thing in your premise. If you say to the camera “Notify me when you don’t recognise someone”, it always responds by pinging you as soon as any new person or object comes before its lens. This really brings you continuously and glitch-free security cover for your entire home.

Moreover, you can also give it custom instructions like “Ping me when the grandpa gets home after evening walk” and you will be notified of the same. What is most interesting about this camera is that by combining voice recognition technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence it really provides an all-round home security solution that works more like a close in hand companion.

Imagine a situation of waking up all of a sudden with some breaking sound in the middle of the night. You don’t need to be scared of burglars forcing their way into the house. The Lighthouse will instantly tell you whether it is the sound if a flower vase fell downstairs or your little doing the rampage at the backdoor. Lighthouse just makes your home security simple and effective.

Lighthouse and existing security camera solutions

Lighthouse is based in Palo Alto, California which did everything through an extensive research and development initiative to ensure that the security camera really stands out from all that has been on the market so far. Home security camera business is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to touch a whopping $8 billion units by 2023, as the data offered by the Market Research Future shows.

While the vast majority of the home security cameras allow connecting with smartphones through Wi-Fi, they often prove to be under-performing to recognise a simple an object and to send you to alert message for the same. This is where Lighthouse really came as a unique offering that can easily be dubbed as the Google Home of security cameras, a truly futuristic and landmark innovation.

The inspiration behind Lighthouse

A lot of latest and most advanced technologies played a crucial role in the making of Lighthouse. First of all the natural language processing and voice recognition are two impressive technologies that most smart home assistants incorporate are actively utilised by this smart security camera to comprehend instructions and respond them.

The camera sensor used with Lighthouse can draw the closest comparison with the Microsoft’s Kinect 2.0 cameras which is used for video game consoles. This camera sensor was further developed with the inclusion of night vision, a larger field of view, and computer enabled vision. It typically stores footage that detects active motion, not all camera footage. As for recognising unknown persons, it is equipped with face recognition, and besides that, it can also recognise people by other physical attributes such as height. It also sends footage with a detected motion to the cloud where after heavy-duty AI-powered analysis the footage is made available with the findings.

Pricing and availability

Lighthouse is just out on the market flaunting a price tag of $299. For additional 30-day cloud video storage, you need to pay $10 a month. With just a one-time fee of $200 paid up front, you can also go for a lifetime plan.

Final verdict

Obviously, it is the smartest home security camera available in the market. You cannot find another such all-round home security solution that can make your life so easy and free of concerns.