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LG V20 – The Best Smartphone for Multimedia Purposes

LG V20

LG Electronics, the South Korean company unveiled the V20 at LG’s San Francisco launch event a premium flagship smartphone that is been designed to provide customers with the best video and audio experience.

By far this is the most versatile hardware offering from LG than the G5 as it is trying to deliver the highest multimedia capabilities available on a mobile device.

LG has set new standards than premium phones that have more expanded multimedia capabilities. Other than this, there is no need to have a selfie stick because LG V20 has introduced a sophisticated design and better specs for its dual-camera Android phone.

Latest Design

The LG V20 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a silicon-based material with a tough built up as the phone has passed the military-level MIL-STD 810G Drop Test.

The phone has an off-color “chin” on the front that gently slopes downward, giving it an altogether more balanced and visually appealing look. It is something a bit more svelte and adopts most of the software experience developed for the G5. LG V20 has a 5.7-inch screen with body replaced by AL6013 aluminum in every place possible.

It looks like a whole new phone with a clean-looking shell made of the same strong aluminum alloy and a durable plastic that can absorb shocks 20 percent better than last year’s phone. The phone is able to withstand shocks and still function when dropped repeatedly from a height of four feet. With such a dynamic experience LG Electronics is trying to give their customers more of everything they love in their premium smartphones.

Display of LG V20

LG V20 screen is very bright and features a new comfort mode that lowers the white point when it is used to a large extent. All the colors are oversaturated that doesn’t stress on our retinas. A waterproof phone, this is very comfortable to hold even though it has a massive 5.7-inch screen.

A dual-function power button for the LG phone and a fingerprint sensor is situated at the back of the phone while the volume rocker is on the left side. The models will be available in silver, pink, titan, and champagne colors.

Camera & Battery Life

The cameras of LG V20 is embedded with a dual-camera setup on both the front and the back. It takes photos with either a 135-degree wide-angle lens or with the 75-degree standard lens. With an excellent white balance, shutter speed and ISO the phone is able to take pictures while recording video.

One lens includes 16 MP sensor that comes with an aperture of f/1.8, while the other has an 8 MP sensor with an aperture of f/2.4. In terms of auto focus, V20 has a hybrid system consisting of laser, phase-detect, and contrast auto focusing, therefore it is slated to be one of the best cameras available today.

The battery of LG V20 is a removable 3200 mAh battery that also includes a fully-removable back plate.

Special Features

  • LG V20 has a Snapdragon 820 processor that is powerful.
  • The phone has an inbuilt stabilizer to avoid shaky video recording.
  • It supports Hi-Fi DAC audio that helps to stream 360-degree VR video.
  • It has 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage that should handle all apps very well.
  • The mobile has a “Second Screen” up at the top, with higher contrast, putting it more on par with the primary display panel.
  • Its 5.7-inch Display is brighter than a normal LCD screen.
  • LG promises 20 percent better battery life than the V10.

Price & Availability

The V20 is expected to cost about $600-$700 and will be available until the end of the year. As per its specs, this is one of the best phones of the year.


The market for LG V20, the successor to the LG V10, with tons of innovation will depend entirely on its price and availability. Let us hope to see this phone get sales that it deserves.