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LG ThinQ Speaker: A Smart Speaker System With Exceptional Sound Output

LG ThinQ Speaker

Smart speakers are already in-thing with almost all tech giants coming with their own smart speaker systems. From the Amazon Echo and Google Home to the much awaited and hyped smart speaker from Apple that can be revealed anytime soon, every major brand is jumping on the bandwagon of smart speaker products. Several new and less heard-of brands are also coming with their new smart speaker systems. LG, the ace gadget, and home appliance brand are making the latest addition to this burgeoning smart speaker systems. The latest smart speaker from LG named ThinQ is equipped with many features that make it a great listening equipment.

LG ThinQ Doesn’t Offer A New Smart Assistant

If you look at the smart digital assistants that come packed with most smart speaker systems and other home gadgets and mobile devices, you must be realizing that there are quite plenty of them already crowding the market. From Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana to Samsung Bixby, it seems every tech brand has already a smart assistant of their own. In this respect, LG rather begs to differ in approach and rather chosen to support its new smart speaker system ThinQ with Google Assistant.

Connectivity Made Simplified

If you need great sound from your speaker but do not just want to deal with the complexities involved in connecting speaker pieces for an all-round sound output LG SK10Y soundbar would make the right solution. It comes with a 550W speaker equipped with 5.1.2 channels, a great support for unmatched audio output, and an attractive low footprint design. , SK10Y endures great audio output besides including robust Chromecast technology allowing you to stream your audio tracks from any of the compatible devices.

Mobility Ensured Without Compromising On Sound

There are people who need less smart features and more mobility with their speakers and for them, the new LG PK speakers come as perfect. These speakers are highly portable and get along with you easily anywhere, anytime. It can be the perfect listening instrument for any outdoor and indoor environment.

While 24-bit loud music gushes out of the Apt-X HD speaker allowing streaming your mobile soundtracks, the rugged design and portable shape make it perfect to bring into any party. The speaker also flashes mood lights and dynamic party-beat lights to accompany the music.

The Long Quest For Perfect Sound

LG ThinQ Speaker has come out as the result of a long quest for a perfect sounding speaker to join the elite league of smart speaker systems with the extraordinary audio output. The company which announced ThinQ to be launched officially in the CES 2018 next month, has been trying to deliver the best sounding speakers for as long as 60 years. The company always had an uncompromising stand on sound quality while always trying to introduce new technology. This is the same principle that makes ThinQ stand apart with a rare confluence of smart features and superb sound output.

ThinQ Will Also Work With Other Smart Appliances

As of now, we could just have a glimpse of the speaker system and a few basic information about what the speaker is capable of. But it seems very likely that the ThinQ will provide smart communication between the speaker and the array of LG’s smart home appliances through the Google Assistant. While it jumped on the bandwagon of smart speaker systems, the Meridian Audio technology enduring optimum sound experience can easily make it uniquely positioned among similar smart speaker systems.

Ultimate Sound Output For All Music-Moments

Whether you are a party goer or a music producer or a music lover with the discreet taste of delicate instrumental sounds, this new LG speaker system has all the answers to ensure your listening pleasure. LG ThinQ comes with options to customise your speaker settings with several speakers that altogether deliver powerful audio output for both indoor and outdoor environments

These are highly equipped all-in-one speakers with a lot of state of the art features to push everyone’s legs on the dance floor. The massive 1,800W output sound output apart they also offer DJ capabilities, karaoke sound, and dancing beat lights. Apart from the power packed inside these speakers also come with a durable form, exceptionally easy-to-use interface and an array of sophisticated connectivity options to help streaming music.

Final Verdict

LG ThinQ seems to have a clear competitive edge over many other smart speaker systems in the market just because it offers a great pack of features, exceptional portable design, really robust sound output and compatibility with the smart assistant. Yes, in CES 2018 it is going to be one of the best entrants to steal the show.