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Stylus 3 – LG is Back with a New Stylus Phone

LG Stylus 3

The South Korean tech giant LG recently announced its Stylus 3 ahead of the huge CES 2017. The Stylus is the third in LG’s affordable stylus range.

Premium Design & a Stylus Pen

With the LG G3 Stylus’ pen, you can sketch drawings or write notes with increased accuracy and ease. Be the center of attention with a uniquely curved design wrapped in the metallic skin for minimalizing smudges. The phone is made completely out of plastic, and while this does keep the whole package rather lightweight at just 149-grams. The Stylus 3 does come equipped with its very own stylus. The stylus itself is very lightweight and feels nice in the hand, and it can be housed discretely in the phone’s body when you aren’t using it.

Stylus 3 with Massive Display

LG has packed a massive 5.7-inch screen on the front of the Stylus 3. The panel is that of an LCD nature, and the resolution is of 1280 x 720. The display looks decent, but when compared to anything with a Quad HD or even Full HD display, you’ll notice the soft nature of the panel being used here. Colors look bright, and text can get a bit fuzzy when dealing with a 720p HD resolution on this size of a screen. If you are looking to spend under or around $200 on a smartphone will likely be perfectly fine with the setup here, but with many other competitors offering smart phones in a similar price range and higher screen resolutions, this does seem like a step in the opposite direction for the Stylus 3.

Powered by Android 7.0

Android 7.0 Nougat is used on the LG Stylus 3 right out of the box. LG has decided to hold things back a bit when it comes to tweaking the look of the OS, as more elements of stock Android are present in this version than there were in past versions of LG’s customized software. And, in addition to this, it’s great to see the Stylus 3 already getting the Nougat update.

Two Secondary Cameras

LG G3 Stylus giving you perfect quality photos with 13MP and a 2 secondary camera- 5MP and 8MP.You can also take brighter, clearer pictures even in dark conditions. With its quick focus adjustment, you will never miss a moment you want to capture. The controls and settings on the camera are pretty easy to access.

Battery Life

The Stylus 3 comes with a beefy battery, and this is apparent with the 3,200 mAh unit that’s packed inside of the phone.The long battery life ensures that you’ll find the power you need to perform any task all through your day. The 720p HD display being used certainly may not be the best-looking one around, but this combined with a large battery unit like this should provide for some rather nice stamina.

Price & Availability

LG has not given any word on pricing or availability information for the Stylus 3, but the phone is expected to cost around $150 or $200 unlocked. The Stylus 3 is a very solid handset for the money. The Stylus 3 comes in two different colors- Titan and Pink Gold.