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LG Signature Edition Smartphone: Luxurious Yet Pricey


Do you want to pamper your ego with your own name inscribed on the phone? Do you want a special smartphone that gives a designer feel over and above all the features of a great flagship phone? Do you crave for feeling exclusive with your handheld? Well, consider LG signature edition if anything of the above is true.

LG has just launched a “super premium” signature version of the LG V30. LG has earlier made exclusive electronics gadgets like TV and fridges under the “Signature” brand. Now the company has offered the same exclusiveness with its flagship smartphone as well.

What Is At Stake Really?

To be honest, LG signature addition doesn’t hold many promises to blow your mind except the eye-popping price tag. In fact, in some markets, it is priced even higher than the latest iPhone X and that really makes it a tough proposition for sales. Apart from coming with your own name and signature, the scratch-resistant ceramic body and an extra RAM and additional memory, it just doesn’t give you an entirely different feel from LG V30. But it costs at least $1200 more than V30 and is priced around $1800.

Signature Material And Design

As per the latest revelation, this Signature Edition is carved out using the highest quality materials just in the way of finest designer watches of world famous brands. The materials used to build Signature Edition is zirconium ceramic which according to the company can resist scratches better than any other materials used in smartphones.

Signature Engraving Option

The most exclusive aspect of the new Signature Edition is obviously the option for customers to engrave the name on the back of the phone. Doesn’t it give you a truly unique feel for your phone? We are not sure but considering the fact that LG has only built 300 phones under this limited edition offering is something worth believing as exclusive. The limited edition Signature is available in both black and white variants.

Inside It Is The LG V30 Actually

Whatever exclusive aura the limited edition Signature tries to boast off, inside it is just the LG V30 whether in the display, operating system, processor, camera or key features. In that respect Signature really lacks substantial value addition apart from more Ram and Storage space.

As the variant of the flagship V30, it holds almost all the key attributes and is much shorter and thinner while maintaining a wider screen. It is really lightweight and pleasant to handle. Maintaining the small building with a large OLED display and all cutting-edge Android features LG Signature along with V30 really makes one of the compelling smartphone choices in present day market. Signature just boosts the minimalist aesthetics of V30 to a certain extent.

Minimal use of bezel, sturdy slim built, glass covered backs coupled up with ceramic body gives Signature a plush look. LG according to many experts achieved a kind of balance and symmetry that made it elegantly extra thin and ergonomically superb to handle.

Exact Differences With Its Nearest Predecessor

Through LG Signature Edition what you actually get is a ceramic body LG V30 smartphone with Android Oreo (8.0) inside and a few little tweaks. The Signature Edition has the identical 6-inch OLED display as the LG V30 and all similar features such as Qi wireless charging, and a rear camera with f/1.6 aperture. The only difference lies is with the enhanced RAM which is increased to 6GB from 4GB and big internal memory of 256GB. Oh yes, the new signature edition also comes with a pair of wired and wireless B&O headphones.

Final Verdict

Experts are divided on the logic behind unleashing this new Signature Edition as it seems poorly positioned with less value on offer compared to the astounding price tag. While many believe it as the effort to create a niche brand position with a signature edition phone others see the entire exercise to have no substantial value for users. Many still consider, the move is to revitalize the smartphone brand which is continuing to tail behind big players in the smartphone market. Can LG really give its brand positioning a breakthrough with the new Signature Edition? Only time will tell about this.