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LG Plans to Showcase it’s Big and Rollable OLED Panel at CES 2016

LG Rollable OLED Panel

CES 2016 is here again, bringing the new technologies to the wide-eyed world. LG for one, is not content to play second fiddle this year as it is all set to unveil a slew of tantalizing products which will push the boundaries for OEMs even further this year.

The company intends to launch its incredible 18-inch display that can be rolled up like a digital newspaper. With a paper thin OLED screen for the TV in the pipeline, LG is launching the first ever 98-inch TV with 8K display as people are bound to go crazy.

All the technologies that LG has planned for the CES event will be then showcased at a private showroom within the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company has even changed its tagline to launch the new products with “Your Imagination, Our Innovation”

Exploring New Grounds with a Rollable Display

LG Display will show a glimpse of its prototype which is the marvellous 18-inch flexible screen that will roll up like a piece of paper. LG’s new technology is all about getting bendable and curvable OLED displays to push the viewing experience further.

Brace up for the svelte concept as it will be unleased on to the world.

  • LG said the rollable OLED panel would be 3 mm thick with 1,200 by 810 pixel resolution. More so than curved screens, one can expect thin rollable displays to be the future of our media experience.
  • LG attributes the flexibility of the display to “high molecular substance-based polyimide film” which was earlier revealed in 2014.
  • The company will also be showing off a 25-inch “waterfall” curved LCD that can control the contours of the device.
  • A new 10.3-inch panel is expected to be launched which will be controlled by gloved fingers.
  • Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) technology that is incorporated in smartphone displays will be used by LG Display to demonstrate the viability and attributes of the 11.6-inch 2-in-1 notebook and a high-powered 23-inch touchscreen monitor.

The 55- Inch Paper-thin OLED TV Display and the 98-inch 8K monster


LG is gearing up to reveal some interesting futuristic concept displays which OLED can achieve. Add to that a 55-inch design concept OLED TV display which is mind-bogglingly paper-thin. The display will have separate electric circuits. The TV will also have a double with the 65-inch extreme-curve concave/convex OLED display along with it.

LG will also showcase a 55-inch dual-sided display, which might drive its commercial viability for digital signage and interactive advertisements. The dual-sided displays are expected to make a big splash for automotive purposes too.

With a mammoth 98-inch TV that boasts of a staggering 8K resolution, LG is taking giant strides in the TV space. The company is expected to launch the gigantic TV during the second quarter of the year.

LG Investing in Billions!

LG Display is pumping more than $8.7bn into full-scale OLED development, and although there is not a wide range of products in displays, it is not targeting only residential purposes but even industrial use and for smartphones where the panels can be used considerably in a better way.

With the LG OLED Panels, other OEMs can be expected to experiment with Curved TVs and flexible panels too. 2015 also introduced curved display panels on Samsung models namely Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and LG did not lag far behind with its G Flex 2. Though the utility is not complete, OEMs are pumping in huge money to get the flexible displays mainstream.

Curved displays would not matter much on mobile phones but maybe they would make sense in a car. The usage for such displays in home environment, or industrial setting cannot be ignored too.