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LG PF1000U Minibeam Ultra Short Throw Projector – An Affordable Option for the Home!

LG PF1000U

LG PF1000U Minibeam Ultra Short Throw Projector that comes with Smart TV is one of the most ideal home entertainment projectors you will have ever seen. Its ultra-short throw is its key feature and hence it suits a home setting, better than many of the projectors in the competition. Also, it is better than a large-screen TV which works because of its great price too.

The LG PF1000U is not the first ultra-short throw projector but it is the first affordable projector that supports video. There are other video projectors in the competition but none with an ultra-short throw. The PF1000U is nearly unique in both respects.

Ultra-Short Throw Makes the Projector a Great Option

The new MiniBeam Projectors do have advantage over large-screen TVs since their sizes go beyond 100 inches and they render good quality video too. They will cost dramatically less than any of the large screen TVs, a lot lighter and smaller to move than TVs.

The need to use wires from the power source and video sources right down to the projector has been a major impediment for these projectors since people do not want to use cables. An ultra-short throw gets the projector position in the same spot as the TV.

  • The LG PF1000U can throw a huge image from just some inches away.
  • For the 90-inch image projection, the projector can throw it from 12 inches while its mirror was 23 inches away.
  • With that short throw distance, one can easily affix the projector to a nearby cabinet or table to project images on the screen mounted on a wall without the need to defer from anywhere near the TV.
  • The LG PF1000U’s weight and size is in favour of its domestic use at just about 4 pounds.

A Smart TV Added to the Mix

LG PF1000U

Aside from ultra-short throw, the projector has a built-in TV tuner which can use the projector as display. One can surf TV channels using a coaxial cable to connect. One can connect to an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, to stream endless video or audio clips from any DLNA device. If you are connected to the Web, one can use the LG Smart feature to stream from multiple channels including Netflix, and YouTube, use Google maps for directions and location tracking or even download apps from LG Smartworld.

Setup and Brightness Features for the Projector

The setup operation is standard for the projector and it has manual focus without zoom. Two HDMI ports and an Ethernet port are the only three connections to connect to a network or the web. It also supports MHL for connecting compatible phones while the Wi-Fi connection options include Intel Wireless Display support and Miracast.

With composite-video inputs, USB Type A ports, and optical audio outputs, this projector has all the slots required for the right content sourcing projection The USB ports will let users read files from the memory key, and the projector menus can be controlled with a mouse too.

The Display Effect and Image Relevance

Using SMPTE recommendations, the LG PF1000U includes a whopping 1,000-lumen rating for the 16:9 aspect ratio in theater-dark lighting. In moderate ambient light, the viewing drops to 82 inches. Although the brightness will be less for use, one can compensate it with a high-gain screen.

The image and color balance are good enough for all uses and the neutral grays at all levels is a welcome part. It can maintain shadow detail impeccably well while color quality starts from good to great in most parts.

The new MiniBeam projector also supports Bluetooth function to connect with Bluetooth-enabled soundbars and speakers. With a price of about US$1,340, one can expect a decent market for the projector.