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LG G6 – Things to know About LG’s Upcoming Flagship Smartphone


LG’s next flagship smartphone will be called the G6, and will probably appear in the next few weeks. Rumors speculating about what features the successor of last year’s modular smartphone will offer has got everyone excited. The G5 was announced at Mobile World Congress at the beginning of March 2016, while the G2, G3, and G4 all launched at separate events a couple of months after MWC.

18:9 Aspect

The panel will be 5.7 inches and feature an 18:9 aspect ratio, as opposed to the 16:9 format that is found on most smartphones. This aspect ratio means that the phone will be taller, and thus better suited for web content. The resolution of the LCD panel will be 2880 by 1440, for a pixel density of 564 ppi.


People are expecting to see the Snapdragon 835 processor, along with at least 6 GB of RAM. This will probably be the norm for most flagship smartphones in 2017.  While the G5 comes with 32 GB of storage, the G6 is expected to offer more than that. So that’s 64 GB of space for your apps, videos, pictures, and other data. If that’s not enough for you, don’t worry. The device will most likely retain the microSD slot.

Dual Rear Camera

The LG G5’s best attribute is its dual rear camera that delivers excellent results. We can expect something similar from the G6 offering a standard camera sensor, coupled with a wide-angle sensor like its predecessor. It has been suggested the front-facing camera will be an all-in-one camera and iris scanner. The iris scanner element will be used to authenticate the user and unlock the phone, but it will be featured within a compact sensor that also combines the front-facing camera.

The idea is that the single, smaller sensor will help save space and potentially make the G6 slimmer. The camera in LG G6 will be integration with optical image stabilization plus, Dual LED for the primary and secondary camera, Geo-tagging option, Facial reorganization to have great capture option, 3D front and back camera element and autofocus laser lens.

Battery Life of LG G6

The LG G5 offers a 2800mAh battery so we’d expect the same for the G6, if not a 3000mAh. It is thought the company might use the same technology employed for the LG V20 to ensure the battery won’t explode. Nothing has been confirmed, but LG recently announced that the V20 uses copper pipes to take heat from the processing unit and dissipate it to other areas of the device, avoiding the battery so it makes sense for it to use the same technology for the new flagship.

Android Nougat

LG launched its first device from the box that featured Android Nougat in the LG V20 so the LG G6 will obviously come with the latest build of the software. A closer look at the LG V20’s software would probably give us an about the user experience details we can expect from the G6.

Available for $750

LG G6 can be found in 32, 64 and 128 GB memory space as internal and an expandable of 128 GB external memory slot for extra storage and will be available for USD $750. No formal announcement has been made by LG about the G6, except for its promotional video.