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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro – Smart Projector in a Tablet!

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro tablet is one smart tablet that has one big difference from the other tablets in the market. It features a projector that is built-in. The tablet was launched in September and has an incredible 10.10-inch display with a brilliant resolution of 2560 pixels by 1600 pixels.

For years, consumer electronics companies could not build projectors built on to other gadgets and have failed miserably ever since. There have been a slew of projector-phones like Samsung Beam that was released five years ago. ZTE tried a “smart projector” category in its Spro 2. But the sales have been pretty much non-existent.

Lenovo’s Foray into the new Realm

Lenovo’s Yoga Tab 3 is a tablet that includes a projector which includes a 50-nit image arising out of its rotating hinge. The projector helps users to share directly from the tablet without the need for having a screen. The projection can be up to 70-inch-wide image that is gigantic in itself. The projector is not very bright, and the overall feel of images are a bit blurry in some respects. But in an overall sense, this is a good tablet-cum projector to work with.

Inner Specifications of Yoga Tab 3 Pro

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro is loaded with a powerful internal chipset. Here are the salient features:

  • 2.24GHz quad-core Intel Atom X5 processor
  • 2GB of RAM with 16GB of internal storage (expandable up to 128GB)
  • 13-megapixel primary rear camera and 5-megapixel front selfie cam
  • Powered by Android 5.1
  • Includes 10200mAh non removable battery
  • Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 4G
  • Includes Ambient light sensor and Accelerometer

As we get the specifications out of the way, let us be very clear, Lenovo does know that projector-gadgets do not sell very well and hence the projector is marketed only as an extra feature.

A Tablet with Specific Attributes!

Although the Yoga Tab 3 is similar to previous Yoga tablets, it includes a built-in kickstand and a hole to hang it up. With huge front-facing speakers, it is loud, efficiently loud. A 13-megapixel camera is studded on to the back while a 5-megapixel camera features on the front. Both cameras work well compared to the competition, especially Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2.

But with an Intel Atom x5-z8500 processor, one cannot say if the performance will be on par with other tablets in the same price bracket.

Incorporation of AnyPen Technology

Lenovo’s “AnyPen” technology is included in all three tablets so that users can utilize any pencil-like thing to use as a stylus, including a stick or a fork. The technology which was used in the Yoga 2 series is useful and is not at all pressure sensitive and hence not recommended for tablet artists.

Comparison with the Yoga Tablet 3 Pro

The budget zone now features the new Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 and Yoga Tab 3 8, priced at around $199 and $169 respectively. The build quality is excellent throughout considering it is priced as a lower-end model while the Pro is the more expensive one. The new Lenovo Yoga tablets are expected to be launched soon in Wi-Fi and LTE versions.

The specifications are down by some notches for the two tablets compared to the Pro. The displays are not as sharp, they feature Qualcomm 210 processors, and the RAM is restricted to 1GB. The storage is just about 16GB. Both the lower end models include an 8-megapixel camera. Even smartphones launched a year ago included a Qualcomm 410. The lower end processors might be a concern for tech geeks who would want to spend an extra buck for a higher end configuration.