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Lenovo Yoga Book – The Fusion of Tablet and Laptop in a Never Before Way

Lenovo Yoga Book

When tablets failed to shock us anymore we got hybrids and Lenovo has been one of the pioneering brands in producing these fusion products. But still, all hybrid products as of now could not do without a traditional keyboard. Well, this time, Lenovo decided to scrap the physical keyword altogether and instead replace it with an invisible halo keyboard. That is the biggest selling point of Lenovo Yoga book which is also the slimmest and most advanced hybrid till date.

Introducing Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book is a hybrid tablet with a slim built, watch-like clamshell hinge, and a 10.1-inch full-HD display scrapped the physical keyboard with a blank slate with hidden touch sensitive keys. The new hybrid tablet comes in two OS versions, respectively for Android and Windows 10.

Slim Lightweight Design

Lenovo Yoga Book in every possible way represents a breakthrough tablet design. By introducing quirky bracelet-like hinge and extremely thin built comparable to smartwatches the tablet looks awesome at first look. The 360-degree movable hinge allows you to use the product in a variety of postures and angles. The touch plate and display bezel come in dark color. The hinge and outer shell for Android model are available in Champagne Gold and Gunmetal Grey while the Windows 10 model comes in Carbon Black color for the same parts.

Touch-sensitive Keyboard

It differs from all other products in its keyboard. The keyboard of Yoga Book is not a detachable unit as in so-called Surface-styled products. This is made possible by Lenovo’s custom watch band hinges.

The keyboard of the Yoga Book runs using Passive EMR Technology and is devoid of any physical keys. Do not be scared because of the absence of physical keys. As of now the hidden digital keys with haptic feedback offered really awesome typing experience to most reviewers. With every stroke on the smooth slate, you feel the keys because of haptic feedback. Besides, when typing the digital impression of the keys are seen and so you do not need to worry about typing mistake even if you are not seasoned with typing enough.

Moreover, this new product comes with Touchpal Prediction, a predictive text app that users are already acquainted with while using most smartphones and tablets. The Lenovo Yoga Book keyboard also comes with a touchpad located in the usual position just below the spacebar.

Stunning Features

The unique selling point of touch-sensitive keyboard apart the new Lenovo Yoga Book offers an array of stunning features with immense value for different user cases.

  • Stylus Writing and Drawing: The halo keyboard of Yoga Book also serves as a platform for writing and drawing with the use of a dedicated stylus pen. The accessory comes with real ink allowing users use real paper on the surface to write anything or draw. The same stylus can also be used for digital input on the screen and write and drawing anything on the screen as well. Moreover, anything written on paper or drawn can be instantly converted into digital format for viewing on the screen. The stylus accessory here does not need batteries and the real ink can be replaced with standard ink as we do with a conventional pen.
  • Special Hinge: The Yoga Book comes with a special watch-type hinge that easily connects together the touch plate with the tablet and allows all round flexible movement. The hinge is built of magnesium and aluminum alloys that are weaved with each other just like a watch band. This allows positioning the Yoga Book in various positions related to casual browsing, watching the video, writing or drawing and typing.
  • Book UI: The Android Yoga Book version is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, though Lenovo tweaked the UI interface a little to deliver a distinct Book UI.

Multitasking and Robust Battery Life

There are also other value-added functionalities provided by the Lenovo Yoga Book Android version like app multitasking and quick-access taskbar. Battery life goes all day long with unrestrained use and Li-ion Polymer 8,500 mAh battery takes charge pretty fast.

Price & Availability

The price starting at $499 in the USA is likely to be available immediately.