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Lenovo Mirage Camera: A Simple Way to Savour 360 Degree Visuals

Lenovo Mirage Camera

Lenovo has just unveiled a unique Mirage Camera records which are capable of capturing 180-degree video for a super-wide and 3D view. It is particularly being praised for simplicity and ease of use when compared to many of the 360-degree cameras presently in the market. Just on the sly, you can complain about the absence of a screen on the back of the camera.

What you can really boast of about this camera is an easy to use 360 cameras allowing you share video in real time. Real-time YouTube 180 video integration and compact design are two massive takeaways from this product. The portable design allows you to slip into your pocket while going out. It also supports viewing your video on Daydream VR headset. The only downside is probably the absence of a back screen to take a quick look at your captures.

It is a power packed camera with a compact design

The Lenovo Mirage Camera boasts of a compact shape that looks more like a point-and-shoot camera. It is designed to be extremely lightweight and portable. Whether you are going out with or without a backpack, you can take it along with you by slipping the camera in your pocket. The camera coming with two 13MP camera lenses in front just gives the impression of two eyes made of glass beads.

You can grab super-wide 3D photos and video just with a simple snap. The snaps with their 3D effect easily guide the viewers about where they should look. The camera comes with a shutter button on the top right. You also have a 1/4-inch screw hole at the bottom to mount the camera on your tripod. The camera comes with a removable battery which is capable to last for two hours and which takes its charge through USB-C. The best thing is of course about its portability with a literally pocketable design.

It addresses storage problem efficiently

The camera comes loaded with 16GB internal storage which can be extended up to 128GB by using a microSD card. In case you forgot to take along your microSD card and just forgot it at home you can still take snaps thanks to the internal storage. The internal storage which is rare among most cameras allows more flexibility.

Relive the experience with 360-degree viewing

Obviously, when we talk about reliving the experiences through camera captured snaps and videos, we only refer to a semblance rather than the real experience. It is because 2D videos and snaps are far from what the real moments offer. The real-life feeling of being there is really captured through 360-degree views or 3D images. This is where the Lenovo Mirage Camera can help you capturing and sharing your once-in-a-lifetime moments with near and dear ones.

A true Point and Shoot experience

The Lenovo Mirage Camera is designed to allow users just point and shoot without going through any complexities. The camera is built and designed as a too simple snapper with only three buttons, respectively for power, shutter and function. Apart from that, you can toggle between three different modes to meet your photography needs like photo, video and live broadcasting.

Do you feel the absence of a viewfinder? Well, the camera allows you beating this absence with smarter ways. Just pair the camera with your smartphone through Wi-Fi Direct and through the free VR180 app of Google you can turn the phone screen as a viewfinder. This will allow previewing all photos and videos in real time.

Instant sharing

One of the best things about the Lenovo Mirage Camera is its ability to share all your photos and videos just instantly. The Lenovo Mirage Camera is completely integrated with Google Photos and YouTube, and this will allow you to stream and share your visual contents on both of these platforms in real-time. This creates another way to save your photos and videos without depending on the inbuilt 16GB eMMC storage and 128GB additional storage.

The processing firepower

The Mirage camera is run on the Qualcomm® Connected Camera Platform powered by a robust Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 626 SoC that consists of integrated high-quality dual cameras and faster processing power. For connectivity, you have two options, respectively an inbuilt Wi-Fi and even an integrated X9 LTE cellular modem packed in the LTE version. The camera is loaded with 2GB RAM for faster processing and there are USB Type-C charging and a separate slot for a removable battery. As for the battery power, the Mirage is capable of 2 hours of continuous usage with just a single charge.

The company also launching some accessories

Alongside the Lenovo Mirage Camera, the company also decided to launch two devices to take the visual experience of the camera to the next level.

  • Lenovo has launched Mirage Solo, a VR headset packed with Daydream VR technology to help to get an immersive visual experience from the camera.
  • Lenovo also launched a separate Smart Display equipped with the Google Assistant to deliver a stunning full HD touchscreen display for watching photos and videos captured by the camera.

Price and availability

As of now, Lenovo promised to keep the price well within $300 and the camera is supposed to be launched around the middle of this year.

​Our verdict

The product seems really above the competition with its unique approach to 360 degree and 3D photography. It packs everything except a screen that you can imagine of a smart camera.