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Lenovo Folio: A Concept Tablet That You Can Fold Into A Dual Display Smartphone

lenovo folio
Lenovo had showcased a prototype of an Android tablet during its 2016 Tech World event. The tablet could seamlessly be folded like a book after which it could appear like a phablet. The Chinese firm demonstrated the foldable Lenovo Folio concept tablet, at the Lenovo Tech World 2017 that was held this week

A Fully-Functional Prototype.

Lenovo held the Tech World conference last week. At the event, the company presented Folio. Folio is a fully-functional prototype with flexible screen. This allows it to transform from a smartphone-sized mobile device to a larger tablet. The idea is to put the best features of both devices into a gadget. This makes the gadget more useful and pocket friendly.

Folio Is a Tablet.

The Folio is a 7.8-inch Android tablet. The tablet has comes with a hinge in the middle which allows the whole thing to fold into a 5.5-inch, dual-screen smartphone-style device. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and runs Android 7.0 Nougat. The attendees at the Tech World conference were in awe of the Lenovo Folio.

Smart Design.

The Folio’s UI automatically rearranges itself to take advantage of the available screen space. When in smartphone mode, the Folio uses the rear half of the screen. This is to provide a live preview to someone having their photo snapped. But the real appeal of the Folio is having a tablet-sized device, with a larger screen. These kind of devices are better for working, reading, and watching movies. It can then fold down to the size of a pocket-friendly smartphone.

Could Be Available In Both Android And Windows.

Lenovo is well-known for its Yoga Book. These devices are available in Android and Windows 10 versions. It is very much likely that the Lenovo Folio would be also made in Android and Windows 10 variants.

It Faces Outward.

The Lenovo Folio concept does not fold inward. So when it’s folded, the screen isn’t facing inside. instead, the Lenovo Folio folds outward which makes both the sides of the screen visible. It looks like a conventional smartphone, when the Folio is folded. Even the edge where it bends can display some information like the Galaxy Note Edge from 2013.

A Concept Device.

Folio is a concept device. This means Folio might stay a concept. It may not be released as a consumer product at least in the near future. Even so, that doesn’t make the device any less impressive. Lenovo isn’t the only company that’s working on this concept. Samsung and Oppo have been developing the same exact thing for years.

Folding Screen Technology.

Folding smartphones and tablets with flexible displays still seems like concepts that are just a few years away from reaching consumers. We all know that folding screen technology exists. We have also seen it demoed at CES and other trade shows over the past decade. But now the audience wants more than neat tech demos.

No Official Announcements Yet.

Lenovo has made no official announcements to bring the Folio to consumers any time soon. But there’s still plenty of reasons to be excited about the device. Lenovo managed to assimilate the folding screen technology into a device. We’re now one step closer to these becoming a reality.