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LeEco uMax85: The apex of LeEco Ecotvs

LeEco uMax85

LeEco, the largest online video companies in China, announced 4 new TVs which will all run on an Android TV. The Chinese technology company just recently unveiled LeEco uMax85 Ecotv with an 85-inch screen and features like HDR10, Dolby Digital Plus, and Harman Kardon audio.

Minimalist Design

The LeEco uMax85 has an astounding 7+ foot screen size and its lineup of leading class technologies Dolby Vision, Harman Kardon audio, and much more. This 85-inch giant 4K TV features HDR10, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of flash storage. The uMax85 is designed to be the centerpiece of any room it takes up. Right from the diamond-cut frame, to the slender aluminum bezel, and the LED power indicator, every single thing is precisely crafted to deliver timeless industrial design and state-of-the-art technology.

Breathtaking Display

  1. 4K Ultra-High Definition Display: The uMax85 picture resolution is dazzling and breathtaking at any angle with its ultra-high definition display, running a 4X resolution of Full HD.
  2. Backlight & Local Dimming Zones: The display features the 448 active local dimming zones with a full bundle of backlighting to ensure every inch of it offers the highest possible reality, contrast, and viewability any time.
  3. Fluid Motion 1920: The Fluid Motion 1920 helps in reducing motion blur and fluctuation while preserving a high degree of clarity even during expeditious action scenes.
  4. Dolby Vision: The Dolby vision in uMax85 enables a wider, affluent range of colors, radiant whites, and profound blacks, and preserves details in the darkest and lightest screen area for more natural colors.

Unique Features

  1. Quad-Core CPU & Multi-Core GPU: The LeEco uMax85 runs on a quad-core Cortex CPU and multi-core ARM GPU, which are designed to achieve the highest resolution content with nominal blurring.
  2. 4GB Memory: The uMax85 has 4GB DDR3 RAM to enable more robust overall performance and strong multi-tasking operation.
  3. 64GB Flash Storage: The uMax85 comes with 64GB of storage for all your favorite content and Android apps.
  4. Harman Kardon Speakers: The uMax85 includes the Harman Kardon speakers, which are only found in some of the finest audio equipment in the world. The Harman Kardon speakers are known for their inimitable audio quality.
  5. Dolby Digital Plus: The Dolby Digital Plus allows real-time Dolby signal interpreting for audio playback with the exact same quality it was recorded in. The Dolby Digital Plus provides fully optimized stereo imaging, unrivaled definition, and authentic sound effects playback.
  6. EUI Content: LeEco’s eui features movies, shows, TV channels, and more.
  7. Google Voice Search: You can search through thousands of movies and shows with the help of Google Voice. Simply press the microphone button on your remote control and speak a command.
  8. Google Cast: Using Google Cast, show everyone what you are playing on your ecophone. All you need to do is click the ‘Cast’ icon in any of the cast-enabled apps and move content from your phone to the TV directly.
  9. Android Apps: There is a massive base of Android apps at the Google Play Store, that are compatible with uMax785. These include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, Sling etc.
  10. Price & Availability: The LeEco uMax85 is set to be available in the U.S. on November 2 at $5,000. In addition to this, there are three other smaller, less expensive TVs. Super4 X65 with a 65-inch screen at $1,400, Super4 X55 with a 55-inch screen is available at $900, and Super4 X43 Pro with a 65-inch screen is priced at $650.

The LeMall website is offering limited-time discounts for those who sign up to the website and buy a TV on November 2.


The LeEco uMax85 is priced a bit higher than other like-sized sets from Sony and Samsung. But it also offers a lot of other features that surely makes this an interesting buy.