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Lapa Bluetooth Tracker Overcomes All Obstacles To Keep Your Things Safe

lapa bluetooth

Bluetooth trackers are small badge like things. You attach it or put it inside important items you are worried about losing. It could be your keys, bag, wallet, or a pet. You can then use an app to track those items on a map on your phone’s screen; most also let you play an audible tone on the tracker as long as it’s within Bluetooth range.

Lapa is one such Bluetooth tracker, that helps you keep a track of your belongings. Lapa was born out of a fierce obsession with detail. It overcomes all obstacles to keep your things safe.

A Bluetooth Tracker Unlike Any Other.

We lose things, all the time. It’s a simple, everyday problem that deserves an equally simple yet efficient solution. That’s how Lapa was born. Lapa is a Bluetooth tracker unlike any before it. The team at Lapa turned a good gadget into a great gadget. It is better in every way and engineered to keep up with an active lifestyle. With Lapa you will find your things, no matter what. Lapa is controlled entirely from an app. It uses Bluetooth to keep you connected to your things. Hang it from your keys or stick it to your bag. Lapa will keep your things safe during all your adventures.


  1. Scan & Beep: Using Lapa, you can check the distance to your misplaced keys. You can also make them ring and light-up. You can also make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent.
  2. Last Seen Location: The Lapa app alerts you whenever you get separated from your items. It automatically records the place where you last had them.
  3. Safety Mode: With the safety mode, you get alerts whenever you and your things get separated. It’s also great for restless kids and hyperactive pets.
  4. Share with Friends and Family: You can share the access to your things with your most trusted ones. This way they can help you with the search.
  5. Find your phone effortlessly: Lapa is also a button you can use to make your phone ring. This can be done even if it’s on silent mode.
  6. Report as Lost: You can also report Lapa as lost, so that your friends, family, and the Lapa community can help you find it.

Find Misplaced Things.

Do you misplace things very often? Lapa finds your misplaced things no matter how far away they are. Be it inside a tiny apartment or a 3 bedroom house. Under the cushions or outside in the garden.

Can’t Remember Where You left Something?

Do you often forget where you left a particular thing? Let’s say you’re at a restaurant, and realize you forgot your wallet. Luckily, the App remembers where you left it. The map shows your Lapa’s last GPS position.

Have Some Peace Of Mind.

Want to make sure you have all your things with you? Lapa has your back. Whether you leave something behind, somebody takes it or even if “it” runs away, Lapa warns you whenever you and your belongings are separated. With Lapa, you can protect everything and everyone that’s important to you.