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Land Rover Explore: A Rugged Smartphone for the Explorer and Traveler

Land Rover Explore

Just before the Mobile World Congress of the 2018 chapter, as almost the last hour surprise luxury SUV maker Land Rover joined the league of premium smartphone manufacturer with its new Land Rover Explore smartphone. Built in collaboration with the Bullitt Group which has already developed rugged Caterpillar CAT phones, the company introduced a lot of design innovations drawing inspiration directly from the legendary car brand. It is built to put up with the most drastic wear and tear on the road and onslaught of rough usage in travel. Maybe, for the first time, you have a high-end smartphone with optimum strengths for durability.

The true Land Rover inspiration for outdoor use

It is just not a few design-oriented flicks inspired by the legendary car Land Rover Discovery SUV, it is also the well equipped built and body of the smartphone that can cope with a variety of temperature conditions, damaging impacts and water. Moreover, it boasts of a large 4000mAh battery that can help the phone stay alive for a full day of outdoor activities. It also serves as a powerful smartphone for all types of sporting activities. While you are engaged in hiking, biking, or skiing you can keep the screen on with GPS navigation help constantly guiding you.

Powered by the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system it flaunts a five-inch HD display that works seamlessly under brightest sunshine and allows you to interact on-screen with wet fingers or with gloves on. The new Land Rover Explore comes with IP68 certification which means it works well after getting wet or coming in contact with dust. Moreover, the smartphone comes loaded with a screen protector that makes it full proof from a drop from up to 1.8 meters of height.

It is built and designed for the explorer and adventurer

When travelling out at high altitude, you might have noticed that your phone battery just quickly drops. We all funnily refer to this as the battery catching a chill but it is not funny when you miss your smartphone activity in a deserted landscape. Well, with Land Rover Explorer that worry is finally over. Whether in extreme heat or adverse cold conditions, the Explorer is built to function as usual.

As far as the so-called feature set goes, most smartphones offer all that an adventurer needs. You have almost every tool for your trips packed inside a smartphone including maps, cameras, clock, compass, torch and GPS navigation system. But in reality, a vast majority of the smartphones just fall short of the strength and toughness to withstand extreme weather conditions. They simply refuse to work facing a rainstorm or blizzard. That is where Land Rover Explore comes as the most effective smartphone solution for the adventurers and explorers.

Interesting design cues

The design of the Land Rover Explore can surprise you with many attributes directly inspired by the Land Rover Discovery SUV. From the elaborate speaker grille at the front to the backside groove to the headlight around the camera, the design similarities just visibly stand out.

Reliable specs and performances

At the very heart of Land Rover Explore lies a large 4,000mAh battery which has been extensively tested at extreme weather conditions such as Mount Snowdon and the Bavarian Alps to ensure reliable performance. It is the extreme condition where the phone really stands apart from the rest. The phone offers access to a dashboard that allows seeing an array of advanced weather metrics processed by the on-board barometer. It also comes loaded with an SOS torch and night red filter which can be accessed instantly through the pull-down menu. For the adventurers, the phone sports an antenna with a more advanced version of GPS compared to other available smartphone GPS systems.

Price and availability

The US launch of the Land Rover Explore is just imminent, but as of now the dates of availability for the phone is not clear in Australia and Europe. It is expected to bear a price tag of $835 for the US market and is going to be sold to UK consumers at around £599. The company is seriously considering to come out with other versions of this extremely rugged phone concept, and if the partnership with Bullitt gets matured, we can see a similar type of tablets and IoT devices coming with typical Land Rover design and performance attributes.

Final thoughts

If you are an explorer or rugged traveler who don’t want to miss out the cool smartphone features no matter wherever you travel, there cannot be a better smartphone choice than Land Rover Explorer.