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Kyon – A Hi-Tech Dog Collar that is the World’s Smartest Pet Tracker

KYON the pet collar

In the pet technology market, one can find different clip-on gadgets or surgical procedures, but not many have grasped the scope of advancement in this field. But there is a product that might have managed to break the barrier here.

Kyon is a high-tech dog collar that’s features internal sensors to protect your pet animal. The device is like a regular collar and does not look anything like a tech-enabled gadget. But its suite of sensors and circuitry can keep you track of your pet’s health, and a mobile app will ensure that you will be able to find your pet down if it accidently gets lost.

Founder Leon Yohai revealed that his team worked on the device for two and half years. The idea came up to him to keep track of his Maltese dog’s health. Since animals cannot communicate, tracking their health and their needs came easily with the device.

The Internal Specifications

  • The collar weighs 2.1 ounces and is perfect for pets below 7 pounds with small necks.
  • It can resist 60 pounds of force
  • Base station serves as a beacon for the safe region while serving as a charging dock too.
  • Battery life starts from ten days to 30 full days.

The collar’s sensors and chips feature an integrated 9-axis accelerometer, altimeter, heat and water sensors, along with GPS and ultrasound buzzer. Kyon features an LED display, and can connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that it is connected with the Kyon mobile app. Finding your pet when it gets lost, avoiding heat strokes, and allaying dog fights becomes easy with the collar.

Using Kyon begins with the mobile app. Pet owners can work around the design so that your pet is tracked when it runs away. The collar communicates with the station and whenever the pet is taken out of the house, the connected cell phone with the mobile app becomes a beacon for knowing that the dog is safe. One can even store important dates as notifications, especially vet visits and walking schedule or even some medication reminders.

Relevance of the Kyon Collar

  • Over 10 million pets are touted to be lost every year, according to the research done by the makers. The Kyon is made to reduce the number.
  • A Vodafone microchip allows the collar to be consistently active in 120 countries and the chip is activated anytime the dog is out of the designated range.
  • The connection is compatible with 200 different cellular carriers
  • The mobile app updates are prompt enough so that you can find your pet with a personalized “lost dog” message on the LED display of the collar.

Since several pets suffer from heat stroke each year, the collar also includes heat sensor and temperature sensors that demarcate temperature danger zones based on the dog breed. Some dogs can resist high temperatures while some cannot bear with normal temperatures too. With major fluctuations in temperature, one can get notifications directly to the smartphone. Similarly, the water sensor will notify you if your pet gets in the pool while the IP68 certified collar will send the tracking. The Kyon Collar also includes the Pacifier mode which is activated especially when the dogs start getting loud or aggressive. The collar emits a high frequency sound that will force the dogs to calm down.

Launch and Expected Response

Kyon is on a Kickstarter campaign for an estimate on the production. The Kyon collar is expected to be priced for $249 with a monthly fee of $4.99 for GMS microchip service functionality worldwide.