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Kokoon Headphone or SLEEPOPHONE

Kokoon Headphone

Sleeping is vital for a person’s personal health and wellbeing. It helps relax the muscles in our body and rejuvenates our brain cells. Yet, millions of people around the world do not get sufficient sleep for various reasons; insomnia, mental stress, fatigue, hypertension, emotional conditions, ambient noises and other environmental factors. Sleep disorders are rampant across continents and often go undiagnosed and untreated affecting the person’s physical and emotional wellbeing in the long run.

Kokoon Headphone App

Now imagine a wellness app that accesses sleep data, measures sleep quality with accuracy and helps an individual gauge his sleep pattern. The Kokoon headphone does just that. This sleep-inducing headphone incorporates an accelerometer and an algorithm to track the quality of sleep. It uses audio in the form of music and audio-books that help people relax and sleep naturally.

The sensors track the sleep cycle and obtain clinical insights into sleep patterns that are then reflected in an app.

Ever imagined measuring your brainwaves??

  • Monitor Brainwaves: The Kokoon EEG headphone monitors the electronic impulses in the brain and determines the exact instance when a person is sleepy, observes the different phases of the sleep cycle and defines the exact point when the person should wake up. It has the ability to automatically adjust and tune the audio to ensure that the person’s sleep is safeguarded against disturbances and other ambient noises, thereby resulting in valuable sleep.
  • Measure Concentration Levels: Just as the Kokoon headphone has the ability to monitor brainwaves, it is also set to accurately measure concentration levels. When worn while working or studying, Kokoon EEG headphone will identify attention spans and reflect it in the app. This way people can evaluate their concentration cycle and ensure efficiency while performing their tasks.
  • Enable Memory Retention: Apart from monitoring brainwaves and measuring concentration levels, the Kokoon headphone is also set to support enhanced memory retention.  Based on some research, the company is looking to play audio at certain crucial intervals during deep sleep that helps in improving memory.

Gel cushion, leather, and washable covers

The idea of wearing headphones to sleep does not go too well with some people. There are various apprehensions with respect to the comfortness of the headphones. But the Kokoon headphone has been designed keeping in mind the cosiness that is desired when a person goes to sleep. The headphone is made with cool gel cushioning, organic leather covering and washable covers. The porous materials, ergonomic ear pads and soft earphone material ensure utmost comfort.

Get one for yourself

The prototype for Kokoon Headphone has just been launched and is scheduled to undergo a series of intensive testing processes to ensure it efficiently performs the task of monitoring and inducing sleep. The headphone is said to be available in the commercial market from January 2016.

Is it costly?? It sure is!!!

The Kokoon headphone has generated a lot of curiosity and excitement amongst people from across the world. Since its launch, it has been funded by thousands of people and has gained a lot of popularity online. The gadget is said to be priced at approximately $320 in the commercial market.

But it lasts quite long…

The Kokoon EEG headphone has been made from clinical grade EEG sensors that are prevalently used in hospitals and clinics. After testing through hundreds of prototypes, the Kokoon headphone uses their patented FlexMould comfort system. The headphone has been developed taking inspiration from high-tech pillows and sport shoe technology, making it ideal for comfort sleep. They incorporate the perfect combination of electroencephalographic sensors, acoustic performance, wireless technology and complete comfort.

Anywhere, everywhere

The Kokoon EEG headphone has been developed with high relaxation factor. The headphone is moulded such that it fits the contours of the head, dispersing pressure away from the delicate regions thereby increasing the level of comfort. It is built with active noise cancellation capabilities and high battery life; it can be used to monitor sleep patterns for up to 3 nights. To avoid the headphone from getting sweaty, an air circulation mechanism has been incorporated which reduces the level of heat and moisture. These factors make the EEG headphone a much sought after gadget, thus augmenting its popularity.

Clap or Slap – Our verdict

The Kokoon EEG headphone is set to take the health and wellness of people a notch higher. This sleep sensing gadget is perfect for experiencing peaceful and comfortable sleep. It gives the person an overview of this sleep cycle and indicates how improvements can be made. The sleep data also analyses the person’s awareness and mental quickness and has the ability to give details of a person’s temperament during different spells. With people the world over experiencing major stress levels, the Kokoon headphone is the perfect way to relax and unwind.