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Ektra – A Photography-first Smartphone By Kodak

kodak ektra smartphone

Kodak has been creating tools for people to make memories and capture them, for over a century now. This time with Kodak Ektra, it combines classic Kodak simplicity with the flexibility to capture, shape, and share every moment. Last year it came up with the IM5 phone at CES, this year they have launched Kodak Ektra, which is a unique hybrid of photography upheaval with DSLR functionality.

Kodak Ektra is named after its 1941 rangefinder, and it sure looks like a camera. Kodak is actually designed by Bullitt, a UK company, which has given it a vintage look with an exceptional camera shaped after a classic 1941 Kodak of the same name. Kodak Ektra has the latest innovations in smartphone photography.

Classic and Unique Design and Display

Kodak Ektra has a very detailed design made with premium materials. Ektra has got a steel-rimmed lens and textured finish. It has got a classic Kodak styling and intuitive design and it definitely makes a statement. It has got a bump, but it’s more of a feature. It has got faux leather on the back, metal-finished plastic sides, and a shiny Kodak shutter button to click pictures.

Kodak Ektra’s leather accessory case highlights the phone’s bump and makes it look completely like a camera. The leatherette back feels really thin and light. Kodak latest smartphone has a 5-inch, 1080p display designed by Bullitt, a UK company.

Decent Smartphone Features of Kodak Ektra

  1. Processor: It comes with a Helio X20 2.3Ghz decacore processor.
  2. Camera: Kodak smartphone features a 21-megapixel camera with a f/2.0 aperture. It has Sony’s IMX230 image sensor. Ektra has also got a 13-megapixel front camera with phase detection autofocus.
  3. Storage: This device has 3GB of RAM and 32GB memory, which is expandable with a MicroSD card.
  4. Battery: Kodak Ektra has a 3000mAh battery with USB 3.0 Type C fast charger.

More About the Camera

kodak ektra smartphone camera

The custom built camera app is managed by a perceptive touchscreen DSLR dial. The adjustments are made instantaneously via a range of settings including HDR, landscape, sport, panorama, night, macro, portrait and bokeh. The Smart Auto Mode selects the best conditions for your photographs.

You can also adjust exposure, ISO, focus, white balance, and shutter speed in manual mode. The results are visible on the screen as the changes are made. The horizontal two-step shutter release and extensive scene mode selection let you select different shooting modes. You can also capture 4K videos with Ektra’s camera.

Snapseed has been made the default photo-editing app for Ektra. There will also be a widget on the secondary home screen with apps like Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, and Prisma. Kodak is also making a new Prints app, which lets you order physical prints and books. There is a physical shutter button with the Kodak ‘K’ that lets you click pictures. Double tap on the button to launch the camera and half-press to focus.

Price & Availability

Kodak Ektra will launch in Europe this December and is priced at £449/€499. Right now, Kodak has no plans to release Ektra in the US, and says it will monitor market demand and then react accordingly in early 2017.

The Final Verdict

Kodak Ektra is a photography-led smartphone designed specifically for those with a passion for photography. There is a Super 8 app that gives effects similar to Kodak’s Super 8 film stocks. The Smart Auto mode selects the best conditions for your photograph. With a classic design, exceptional camera features, great battery, Kodak’s Ektra is definitely going to win the market.