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Kiba Camera – Family Clicks Done Right!

Kiba Camera

People who have worked on the process of compiling movies know the importance of getting the good video clips separated from bad shots. Here is a new gadget that can make the process easier for you. The Kiba camera is specially designed to capture and curate moments automatically. It can edit highlights within a single movie montage too.

Spontaneous interactions sometimes create the best moments before one can actually decide to reach out for the camera to start recording. Those who use a handheld camera lens are also left out from the moment. With a small, compact form and a robust rechargeable battery, the Kiba camera can be placed anywhere in a home, and even attached to a regular tripod. The cam can take 13 MP snapshots and even record video at 1080p video within a 94-degree field of view.

With powerful sensors, a handy speaker, an organized microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB 3.0. But with the superb “Joy Ranking Algorithm,” this camera supersedes other cameras in its segment.

Kiba Camera – It’s Different!

The Kiba camera is actually triggered by multiple visual and audio cues, for capturing clips. The Joy Ranking Algorithm sorts and sifts through the video, using only the best and by the end of the day, it shows the best five memorable moments, without you having to sort the data yourself.

The company’s cloud storage service stores all the data and makes it accessible through the desktop interface and mobile app. Users can download clips to any device, and even share the same on social channels and platforms like Facebook or Twitter. One can even attach a schedule to Kiba for capturing planned events. One can even integrate multiple Kiba cameras to the app, which then can aggregate the feeds for creating separate best clips for each device.

Kiba cameras can operate on their own, and also can be guided by voice commands. Users can remotely power the device or click instant photos with simple voice commands. One can record a 30-second video, and even save last 30 seconds that passed by, with those commands like remember, click and save.

An Array of Features that no other Camera Boasts of

Kiba Camera

  • Quick capture of photos and videos of the family and home life.
  • Build a private collection for social media sharing.
  • An affordable solution for capturing moments without spending time on editing.
  • Smart camera for autonomously identifying moments worth preserving, throughout the day.
  • Curates the pictures and videos based on custom algorithm for the best ones.
  • Capture plenty of interactions in any space.
  • Automatic recording of 20-second clips within a 94-degree field of view.
  • Videos can be compiled into collages, with musical tones, transitions, and varied sound effects.
  • Features dual low-noise and long-range mics.
  • Battery works for 3 hours of continuous operation.
  • Save videos through the app on cloud storage or also in any storage device depending on feasibility and accessibility.

Pricing and Availability

The Kiba camera is now available for interested buyers for a pre-order price of US$199 that includes a useful mount along with a year of cloud storage space. The delivery is expected to be in June or later. Kiba is expected to be launched in four different colors. It is expected that Kiba’s actual retail price will be bumped to $329, so it is essential for interested buyers to make the pre-order to save on nearly $129. This is a bargain amount for a family camera, for sure.