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Kello Alarm Clock – The Sleep Teacher that Works!

Kello Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is designed to wake you up in the morning. A new Kickstarter project Kello smart alarm clock is a new sleep-oriented connected alarm clock. Designed to help us sleep better, it is aiming to be less of a passive timepiece and more of an active sleep teacher.

The device is changing and optimizing your lifestyle to make you sleep better by regularizing us to mend our sleeping patterns, as opposed to tracking our actual time asleep.

The alarm allows for a specific number of snooze hits per week and if it reaches its snooze quota it might tell the clock to turn on their light by non-stop sounds.

About Kello Alarm

By using Kello Alarm users can have a regular bedtime and can push them to get up earlier for maximum productivity. With limited “snooze” features, it also uses a pulsing light effect that’s designed to get users to bed. Additionally, it has a built-in breathing exercise program for sleepers to fall asleep faster. The process typically lasts around 20 minutes. People don’t need another app or a sleeping pill, they only need to change their lifestyle.  Kello helps you to do just that.

The system comprises a bedside device and, indeed, an accompanying app. The app is available for iOS and Android devices to control the various functions Kello offers that might consider choosing music, activating sleep programs or setting alarms.


Integrated for both iOS and Android, it also comes with a Bluetooth speaker, to spread music all throughout the bedroom.  It also comes with onboard Wi-Fi, allowing it to hop onto your home network for syncing devices.

Working Approach

Kello the smartest alarm clock is specially used to simply encourage a regular bedtime, thus helping to train the body clock in waking up at the given time. Users get a variety of content choices to wake up to and these functions improve sleep in cleverer ways. The “Deep Sleep” feature, helps users to fall asleep more quickly by using a slowly pulsing light.

The “Snooze Less” feature trains users to make less use of the alarm clock’s snooze function, to lessen the breaking of sleeping rhythm. Kello Alarm Clock functions can be configured as per your mood as it can be programmed to ring louder or slower, change music playlists or even turn on the lights.

The other “Wake Up Earlier” function, seeks to help the user become an earlier riser. Even the power naps program fights off the jet lag that happens during travel times.

Benefits of using Kello Alarm Clock

  • Has integrated sleep programs.
  • Can train you to wake up at an earlier time.
  • You get to sleep in half of the usual time.
  • Has the feature to hit the snooze button less.
  • One can create a personalized sleep schedule.
  • Can take optimized power naps.
  • You get alerts when it’s time for bed.
  • It helps users to prepare for and recover from jet lag.
  • Even helps you get to your personal wake-up goal by knocking off a few minutes from your alarm every day.

Sync with Yourself and Your Sleep

By maintaining your sleep schedule the timing of the body’s internal clock can help you fall asleep and wake up more easily.

This restorative sleep is achieved through regular bedtimes and Kello helps you to sync with yourself perfectly. Once your breath reaches for 6 breaths per minute, it sends you to sleep 2.5 times faster than before. This device is created by sleep specialists who have studied sleep behavior to invent a device that for improving daily productivity and energy.

Sleep Platform

By using these simple tips, effective programs, and scientifically proven techniques Kello Alarm clock can improve your sleep tremendously. The body gets trained to fall asleep faster wake up earlier and limits hitting the snooze to only three times a week.  Thus it renews your sleep pattern and kick-starts your morning routine with a vibrant enthusiasm.

Price and Availability

The crowdfunding campaign for the Kello is under way for a pledge of $89 or more, with shipping expected to start in March 2017. The clock will be offered in colors of blue, gray and green while for $199, you can get that color in a custom Pantone tone.