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Kardia By AliveCor: Your Personal EKG Is Here

Kardia By AliveCor

The AliveCor Heart Monitor when combined with its AliveECG App provides a 30-second, one lead electrocardiogram (ECG). In addition to an ECG, this monitor also determines heart rate in beats per minute (BPM). AliveCor Heart Monitor is an easy-to-use device that attaches to iPhones by means of a phone case. AliveCor Heart Monitor is not just available for iPhones, but they are also compatible with other smartphones and mobiles devices.

Medical Grade EKG In 30 Seconds.

With AliveCor Heart Monitor, you can take a medical-grade EKG in just 30 seconds. The results of the EKG are then directly delivered right to your smartphone. This allows you to know anytime, anywhere if your heart rhythm is normal, or if atrial fibrillation is detected.

A Simple Process.

This device records ECGs and heart rate in a very simple process. You just place the fingers of each hand on the electrodes located on the back of the smartphone case. You can also rest the phone case electrodes on your chest. Personal notes can be added, after the ECG/pulse rate is documented and retained. You can as well select your symptoms and activities from a check list.

Sharing It: Print, PDF Or Email.

After the process is done, you can print it, obtain a PDF or email an ECG to your physician. All this can be done at no charge directly from your smartphone. There is also an AliveCor function available whereby a physician can set up a “provider dashboard.” This can be done to review the patient’s ECG recordings by means of a free web-based application. You can take these functions along with you via your smartphone. The ECG data can also be shared on an international basis.

Fees For Analysis.

After your recording is complete you can save the ECG to your journal and add a note to it. The ECG can also be submitted to be checked right from the app. There are two options for this. There is a technician-only analysis which is $9. While a cardiologist review and recommendation is available for $19. It’s important to note that this fee is per ECG analyzed so the costs can add up quickly.

FDA Approved.

Kardia Mobile is a FDA-approved heart monitor and smartphone app. You can buy it directly from AliveCor without a prescription. The monitor itself is about half the height of a credit card and about as thick as three stacked credit cards.

Practical Uses Of The Kardia Mobile Heart Monitor For Afibbers:

1. Confirming Afib.
2. Ablation Recovery.
3. Monitoring PVCs/PACs & Other Arrhythmias.

Works With A Specific Phone Case.

An AliveCor Heart Monitor and the specific phone case which attaches the heart monitor to your smartphone are the only things required. The prices differ based on the model of smartphone or mobile device. A Third Generation AliveCor Heart Monitor with case for the iPhone 6 will cost you just $84.99.

The Bottom Line.

To get a good clean accurate ECG, you need to be perfectly still. Even a slight movement during can show you an error or just give you a garbage ECG. At times when you are still but just move your fingers slightly or don’t have them placed properly on the plates, there will be an error or a garbage ECG. There are many times when it will take 2-3 attempts to get a solid, clean one-minute ECG. The AliveCor app is able to indicate if you are in afib or not because of a filter. This filter is based on an algorithm. But often algorithms aren’t on point. As a result, there are times where the filter will indicate “possible afib” when you’re not in afib at all. If you’re not in afib but your ECG isn’t normal either, the filter will indicate “Unclassified.”