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JmGO View – More Than Just a Projector

JmGO View

A projector is much more than just a gadget to watch movie and play games. Projectors offer the ease of playing media and games at almost anywhere. But the end result, the viewing experience itself is not same with every projector and that is precisely where smart, portable and feature rich ahead of time projectors like JmGO View comes in. JmGO View launched with the early prototype in CES 2016.

JmGO View is a smart & portable projector designed in a cylindrical metal casing and equipped with robust feature set and functionalities allowing ultra HD video and audio experience, 3D effect in video and games, superb game playing experience and an array of Android apps to add more value to your experience.

Gorgeous Design and Dolby Sound

The projector having a size and shape of a water bottle that can easily be carried. Whether having a rounded corner or sharp edge at the sides, the box like look and feel is common to all projectors. JmGO View, a portable projector in this respect offers a complete design shift from others around us.

The JmGO View conveniently packs a sizeable pair, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a separate device and/or fumbling with another cable to plug in. The projector’s pair of 4 W Dolby Digital Plus speakers emit sound out from the ends, which helps to create a wider soundstage to complement the projected video.

Obviously, you can download a free mobile companion app to control the gadget instead of using remote. Though Android app is already there, iOS app for the gadget is being awaited.

Detailed Specifications of JmGO View

The lens of the projector is embedded within the black plastic separating the aluminium halves in the outer portion. On the backside of the JmGO View there is power button and HDMI ports for USB 2.0  and the wall adapter having 15,600-mAh battery charging capacity.

Robust Connectivity

Besides Bluetooth, JmGO View is also equipped with connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Miracast, and Happycast. These connectivity options work great for streaming content from services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc. The android based OS of the device allows easy access to all Google Play apps, videos and games.

Android Power

JmGO View runs on Android OS with a user friendly custom UI and 16 GB internal storage. The projector UI offers a clean and clutter free menu allowing easy access to all the important options you need like signal source options as storage or HDMI, wireless network, general settings and power modes. By going to the general settings you can activate Bluetooth to connect nearby devices, optimize various system elements like sound effects and music and make the video output as you need.

The custom UI helps finding and accessing all the settings easily including setting brightness level, aspect ratio, set preference for digital zoom, correcting keystone in automatic and manual mode and selecting between ceiling or rear projection modes.

Video & Audio Output

JmGO View can offer 4 hours of uninterrupted HD video playing at standard brightness and quarter of the highest volume level. As for video quality, JmGO View offers 250 lumen video output with 1000:1 contrast ratio and 720p resolution while maintaining maximum limit of 180 inch projection.

The built in speakers in JmGO View offer quite loud audio output comparable to best in class cinematic audio experience. Moreover, it allows attaching any woofer or Bluetooth speaker when you really need to play music with typical high pitched volume played in parties.

Active 3D Glasses

JmGo View can really be a great device to enjoy 3D video with all the shrill and effects in the coziness of your home. To watch 3D video content all you want to do is to wear a Active Shutter DLP-Link 3D glasses from JmGo View. This lightweight, flexible, and comfortable 3D glass is better than anything of that sort you have found in movie theatres.

The Verdict

JmGO View offers full home theater package with all the power packed features and performance driven elements. From watching movies to playing games to web browsing or listening music, the projector can deliver unmatched experience for all user preferences.