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Jabra Halo Smart – A New Bluetooth Earpiece with Awesome Design and Sound Quality

Jabra Halo Smart

For people who are tremendously busy most of the times with phone calls, prefer Bluetooth earpiece and if that piece of hardware delivers great music, it fulfills almost all they need when not holding the mobile device in hand. Well, Jabra’s new Halo Smart headset with impressive sound quality and really game-changer design seems to offer a lot more than we could ever expect from such an earpiece.

The Bluetooth headphone allows the user seamlessly switch between calls and music without needing to swap any of the earbuds. While Jabra is already well known for its sophisticated mono Bluetooth headsets and stereo headphones, this earpiece seems to have taken all the focus with great design and really impressive sound.

Superb Design of Jabra Halo Smart

The earpiece comes with a U-shaped neckband extending two earphones up to the ears through short cables. The entire piece is mounted on a small plastic extensions having built-in magnets allowing snapping them together when they are not in use. Although the earpieces do not have any type of hook or pin to stabilize them, they without dangling just fit into the ear holes perfectly.

There are three buttons in the right arm of the neckband allowing volume and playback control. There is also a single voice button in the left arm allowing you activating the voice assistant of your smartphone like the Siri in iPhone and Google Now in Android. This same button can also mute the microphone when you are busy in a voice call. At the back portion of the neckband, the micro USB port allows charging the device.

Steady Features for Voice Calls, Music and More

Jabra basically built the Halo Smart to allow more ease in voice communication and naturally, ease of handling calls is the most crucial USP of the entire product. Well, there is awesome sound quality guaranteed for both voice calls and music listening. Let us have a look at the features for voice calls, music listening and others.

  • It is capable of noise cancellation to ensure optimum clarity in sound.
  • It is a highly sophisticated stereo earpiece.
  • There is Jabra Assist app to exercise more control over the headphones.
  • Through the app, you can enable and disable vibration and sound alert for messages and other things.
  • The earpieces are magnetized and that is why they can easily be snapped together while you are no longer listening.

Robust Battery Life and Impressive Sound

Jabra Halo Smart comes loaded with a battery that can deliver 17 hours of unperturbed talk time or nearly 15 hours of music after a full charge. Latest noise cancellation technology ensures really impressive sound quality even while you are listening to high pitched music with the interplay of instrumental and vocal. Except for a little demand of a more bass sound, the sound quality seems really perfect for all sorts of music including the ones with high level of variations and complex structures.

Cool Price Advantage

When most other Bluetooth earphones cost at least $100 or more, this Jabra Halo Smart earpieces seems to be the most affordably priced. At just $80, the Halo Smart offers a lot more clarity in sound and a design that wins the minds instantly.

Our Verdict

To make a final verdict on this impressive product we must begin with its great design and solid built. Jabra Halo Smart is built really sturdy and just delivers enough ease to make hands-free phone calls a pleasure experience. It offers unmatched battery life compared to the most others and the sound of music seems pretty awesome too.

The only disadvantage is probably the unavailability of a tight seal that can fix it in the ear hollow better and thus enhance sound quality. But if you look at the ease with design and the sound quality against a lucrative price tag, you become convinced of its competitive edge.