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A Look Inside Apple’s iPhone XS Camera Technology

Your iPhone is capable of capturing amazing pictures, no matter which one you have in your pocket right now. If you are lucky enough to possess Apple’s new iPhone XS and XS Max, then you will be able to experience Apple’s best camera technology to date.

The dual 12-megapixel cameras on the new iPhone XS are pretty much the same that was used on the iPhone X. There are two 12-megapixel cameras that are vertically aligned with an f1.8 wide-angle lens and another f2.4 2X telephoto lens. Also, as a part of the true depth module, there is a 7-megapixel forward-facing camera. This is all backed by new lenses, image sensors, and image signal processor. It comes as a part of the new A12 Bionic chipset. Let’s jump into a little bit of detail about the amazing new iPhone camera.

Smart HDR. The iPhone XS camera combines multiple technologies like enhanced ISP, advanced algorithms and fast sensors which help in bringing more highlight and shadow details to your photos.

Depth of field. You can also click an amazing portrait picture with the iPhone XS and make it more amazing with Depth Control. The Depth Control feature allows you to adjust the depth of field in order to blur the background in the exact amount that you want.

Bokeh Effect. The new iPhone XS camera has an enhanced bokeh effect which makes you backgrounds look more beautiful than ever.

Portrait mode selfies. The Portrait mode selfies have also been enhanced. The TrueDepth camera helps in generating a perfect depth map in order to keep you focused against a blurred background Depth Control then allows you to adjust the depth of field once you shoot the picture.

Low-light detail. The camera sensors come with deeper, larger pixels. They are deeper so that they can help in improving the image fidelity and larger so that they can allow more light to hit the sensor. This results in better low-light photos.

Sharper shots. Smart HDR, faster sensors, and zero shutter lag come together in the new iPhone XS camera to let you capture a shot with more highlight and shadow detail.

4K video. iPhone XS is capable of shooting the highest-quality video among any smartphones. iPhone XS camera does this with the help of better low-light performance, stereo recording extended dynamic range in videos that can go up to 30fps, and stereo playback that features wider sound separation.

What all the camera system considers before it shoots

  • Face Detection. In Portrait mode, the Neural Engine make use of machine learning to inspect data from the camera sensor. It can instantly distinguish faces in the frame.
  • Facial Landmarking. After a face is detected once, facial landmarking allows applying creative Portrait Lighting effects to your photos.
  • Depth Mapping. The ISP’s advanced depth engine is combined with segmentation data from the Neural Engine. This helps in accurately separating your subject from the background. Apple’s depth editing is great as it allows you to adjust the aperture without even touching the exposure. Sliding the depth editor adjust the blur and also maintains your original exposure.

What all the camera system considers before it shoots

Portrait mode on the new iPhone XS captures depth information which allows you to adjust the depth of field and also add creative Portrait Lighting effects. For Depth Control, while editing portrait photos, you simply need to slide to adjust the depth of the field. While using Portrait Mode, you simply need to swipe to try different lighting effects. This can be done before or after your shoot.

Video Capturing

All the image editing has been extended to video as well. There is frame-to-frame analysis in real-time which produces video with better details in low and high light. There are four microphones which record stereo audio in video recording. It can be done automatically if you have that one setting correct.

Final Note

So in short, Apple’s iPhone XS does have probably the best camera in the smartphone market right now. The camera focuses and shoots quickly. It is also the best camera for street photography. The Smart HDR allows you to add more details to the image. Be it video or images, Apple is aiming to achieve a new high-water mark for itself. This way Apple is achieving a larger goal.

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