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Nano S: A 360-Degree Camera for Social Media Sharing

Insta360 Nano S

If 360-degree cameras are all in a rage with popularity, then Nano S 360-degree camera designed by Insta360 has just come as the ultimate product. Being just attached to the lightning port of the iPhone it can grab awesome 360-degree photos and videos.
With a low footprint compact size, it can just be skipped inside the picket or held in the palm.

Does it worth really the attention as a camera for serious snaps in all situations? As far as the first experience and testing result goes, it is worth praise for its clean image quality. Moreover, it offers unprecedented ease in shooting video and still images with your iPhone. You do not need to concentrate on a particular shot at all. All you need is just to click on the shutter button to capture snaps that you can edit and frame later on. The most beautiful thing is, this camera places you in the middle of the surrounding environment. It captures the surrounding enhancement with all the particular attributes in a vivid manner. Even you are new to 360° camera handling and shooting images with this one will not be a difficult task.

When you look back at the images and videos you have captured with this camera you will be astonished to see that many of the elements you actually couldn’t have attended to with regular photography. While shooting with this camera, every small detail stands out offering your image a crisp and sharp countenance. This is precisely why this is a great camera to accompany you in all celebrations and ceremonies where every little detail matters. When you travel with this camera in a new city you can be assured that the look and feel and the entire environment will be captured with meticulous vividness. The company says that the camera captures 20 MP images and 4K video.

The only negative point is, when capturing your own body within the image it offers a little distortion. Another negative aspect of this camera is that it struggles in low light conditions. So if you really want to capture stunning images without any compromise on details you need to ensure that you use this camera in daytime or in areas where there is sufficient light. For professional output this camera offers far from perfect results but when it comes to social media upload this camera just works fine.

How to use it?

The Nano S 360-degree camera is extremely easy to use. All you need is to fix it on your iPhone and thereafter open the Insta360 Nano S app. It just takes a few seconds for loading. The app opening on to the camera screen allows you to adjust the viewfinder in all directions to have a look at what the 360 image output would look like. This would be an ideal camera for travelling and for capturing images in places where you need to attend a lot of details.

A lot of customisation options

The Nano S 360-degree camera offers Instagram-comparable filters that can be utilised in real time. There is also a beauty mode to smooth out complexions and you can also control it to ensure your expected result. There are several other customization options including choice of different angles, stickers, and various layouts for social sharing. The funniest thing is when shooting the camera automatically erases the camera and the hand holding it. So from the output the camera source remains hidden.

It can be used in video calling as well. The connected app offers this option of linking someone you want to call with live video captured by the camera. This feature allows you to let someone see your surrounding when you are calling. Even within this live video call you can point out that things that you want to specifically show to the person to the person you are calling.

Is it a camera built for social media sharing?

The superb ease of use, real time sharing features and a lot of customisation options, all these together make this camera a perfect fit for social media sharing. It particularly stands out with little details within any frame. When you want to share your travel moments or moments of your celebration the vivid captures of this camera make perfect sense for social media sharing. The low footprint and extremely handy designs make this camera an ideal option to sleep in your pocket and use it for on the go photography.

Final verdict

The Nano S available for a price of $239, can be a really nice option for frequent travellers and people who love to shoot detailed images to hare the moments with their social media friends.