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Insta360 Air: Affordable 360-degree Camera on Your Smartphone

Insta360 Air

After creating inexpensive add-ons for the smartphone Insta360 has built a bit of a name for itself. Even when your smartphones already have that the ability to use those devices to record and broadcast in 360. The Insta360 Air is a lightweight and ultra-portable clip-on smartphone camera. It captures immersive 360-degree HD images and videos that can be live streamed or shared instantly on social media. You can place the Insta360 Air in VR mode for a fully immersive experience.

Connect Using a USB.

Insta360 Air is probably the smallest 360-degree camera you would actually want to use. This is achieved by removing things like batteries and storage slots and excess plastic. In place of that, what you have is a pair of fisheye sensors with an image processor. That stitches the two halves together. And you get a USB-C port to connect to your phone.

Works on Different Versions.

The Insta360 Air is a small sphere. It comes with either a USB-C or micro USB connector. That depends on which version you buy. Which will again depend on what kind of Android smartphone you are using it with. The connector is hardwired into the ball itself. So you will have to buy another Insta360 Air if you ever plan to switch connectors with a new device in the future.

Portable Design.

The Insta360 Air compact camera is lightweight and ultra portable. If you compare it with conventional 360° cameras the Insta360 Air is designed as an extension of the smartphone rather than a bulky add-on.

360-degree Camera.

Insta360 Air features an advanced 210° dual fish-eye lens and real-time image stitching the Insta360 Air. It captures images in the round. So nothing and no one are out of shot. It comes with 3K stills and 2K videos. With that, the camera promises professional resolution for an everyday price.

The powerful device can also be used as a 360 webcam. The camera can be connected to laptops. The multifunctional extension cable can be used to capture 360° videos or live stream for longer periods of time.

The Insta360 Air’s built-in advanced stabilization algorithm. This algorithm helps increase precision. That makes it easy for everyone to capture smooth panoramic shots.

Live Streaming.

Using Insta360 Air, you can live stream parties, gigs and festivals. You can live stream 360-degree to the platform such as YouTube. You can also share images and videos easily with one-click uploads to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Easy to Use.

The Insta360 Air is simple to use. The app automatically activates once it is connected to an Android device. This ensures that your perfect panorama shot is never missed. The app also features image and video editing tools. So now you can create visual masterpieces specific to their taste.

VR Mode.

Use Insta360 Air to shoot stunning 360° photos and videos. You can switch to VR mode and use a VR viewer or headset. You can experience them in a truly immersive way.

The App.

You install the app from the Play Store. When you connect the camera to the bottom of the phone, it immediately launches the app. Take the photos or video you want to take. The photos are then immediately stored on your phone. You can remove the camera when you’re done.

Comes in 4 Colors.

The Insta360 Air portable camera comes in four fashionable colors: Matte Black, Crisp White and Silver version, ravishing Rose Pink and Rich Gold.

The Final Word.

The Insta360 Air is a great option for affordable, portable capture of surround imagery and video. The Insta360 Air lacks a standalone battery and so can’t work without a smartphone. But it has a new power. It comes with a flexible USB cable included within. It can be used with a computer for live-streaming. That eliminates battery concerns and platform issues you might face with a smartphone. It’s a tool that adds a lot of flexibility to your photographic weaponry. The Insta360 Air is sure to earn a permanent spot in your camera bag.