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i.dime iPhone Case – The First Magnetic Storage Device

i.dime iPhone Case

Many of us agree on the superiority of iPhones. But in spite of that many of us just harbor a silent distaste for iPhones just because unlike most other smart handheld devices they do not have an expandable storage. iPhones over the years gained a brand image and popularity that no device manufacturers could contend with. Superb design, glitch-free performance, latest technologies and a very big app store, all make iPhone such an invincible choice in spite of the high flung price tags of the device. All these aspects agreed upon, how can you put some extra storage on your device without relying too much on internet-based cloud services?

This is why i.dime seems to be so so powerful in its offerings. This cool iPhone case packed with a dime like magnetic storage device is the ultimate solution for expanding your iPhone storage. i.dime has been designed to make an improvement on all earlier storage expansion solutions for iPhones. Actually, the company felt the irreplaceable need of a storage device that can allow seamless sharing. So, finally at an affordable price you have a flexible and adaptable storage solution that practically was impossible until a few years before.

i.dime – Literally, it is a Dime-sized Storage

This dime-sized small and handy storage is called the i.dime referring to its size. Before we explain further, keep in mind that it works a bit differently than earlier storage expansion solutions for iPhones. It is shaped and sized like a round coin and can offer up to 256GB of storage for any of your iOS device. It is versatile enough to be used with a wide number of devices including a regular Macbook, iPad, iPhone or Windows PC. You have three different types of dongles, respectively as regular USB device, micro-USB device, and Lightning storage.

With the expandable storage solution, you also get some useful accessories like a high-quality iPhone case and external battery. The case actually allows you to lock the i.dime device into the built-in slot for allowing additional storage for the device. This storage solution also comes with a companion app that allows users managing additional storage and viewing contents. The device is also having real time storage capability. For example, the snaps were taken and the music downloaded on your iPhone can directly be stored in this storage device.

Plush Designer Case and Sophisticated Storage

The iPhone case coming with the storage device is made up of polycarbonate urethane which prevents slipping of the device from hands. The iDime cases can be used with iPhone 5, 5S, SE, 6, 6+,6S, 6s+ and obviously the upcoming iPhone 7. There are 5 available colors for the case, respectively as White, Stone, Lilac, Baby Blue and Coral colors.

i.dime connect app allows saving all your files in a jiffy and the inbuilt content viewer can play most types of files whether they are supported by iPhone or not. Another great feature of iDime is that it comes as a robust power bank with 4,500mAH capacity. The battery of the power bank takes charge at 2x speeds. iDime has almost achieved its funding target on Kickstarter is going to be available soon in storage specifications of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

Pricing and Pledging

At present, the product which is on the verge of achieving its crowdfunding target at Kickstarter can be pledged by early birds with $48 or more to reserve a 32GB i.dime storage. By just pledging $10 more, along with the i.dime the iPhone case with all five different color options can be booked. By pledging $87, the early birds can book the whole combination of an i.dime expandable storage, iPhone case, and external battery.