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iBaby’s Monitor M6S is a Great Device, But a Bit Pricey

iBaby Monitor M6S

iBaby is probably the most notable startup in the video baby monitor market. The $179.95 iBaby Monitor M6S is its leading product. The device is just a camera – preceding the standalone monitor for a well-designed app. It has a consistent 1080p video quality, so the video and connection quality on the M6S is some of the best in the market. Adding to that, the device also incorporates small but thoughtful additions to its feature list, like recorded stories and lullabies.

Outstanding Monitor.

The iBaby Monitor M6S stands out from the rest of the devices in the genre in a few technical areas. The monitor streams reliably even when you’re away from home. It also remains responsive to pan/tilt control. You can look around the room with an easy touchscreen interface using the mobile app, and the two-way audio is high quality.

Bonus Features.

1080p Video With Night Vision: The iBaby Monitor M6S is not called video baby monitor for anything. It delivers exceptional video quality thanks to 1080p resolution. With the 1080p resolution, you can easily enjoy a clear picture of your baby at night, too.

Dual Band Support: You don’t need to worry about your router anymore because iBaby Monitor M6S supports dual-band routers that run on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. So you can now choose the frequency you prefer.

Two-Way Audio Speakers: Two-way audio feature on M6S will let you talk to your baby when you’re away. You can play lullabies and bedtime stories through the app, connect to your iTunes library or add MP3 music.

Speedy: iBaby Monitor M6S is iBaby’s fastest monitor to date. You can experience 60-second installation, faster connection, and faster video streaming. You are sure to love this wireless baby monitor.

iBaby is Great, But Not Perfect.

iBaby is a great device, but there are some areas where it is not perfect. While receiving push notifications based on sound and motion detection is a pretty good idea, but that stops when, even at the most meager sensitivity settings, every shadow or switch off the A/C has you checking your phone. You then end up disabling push notifications while you are out, simply because you would receive one almost every 5 minutes.

The second problem with iBaby is its reliance on an app. The app definitely works a lot better than much of the competition, but without a standalone base station monitor, parents using iBaby to keep observing a child who’s just a few rooms away. Due to this, you will be left either constantly checking your phone, or draining your batteries by leaving it on.

No Standalone Monitor.

It might seem low-tech to have a standalone monitor. But it is really handy, especially if you use your phone for work, and can’t simply downgrade it to background baby monitoring.

The iBaby Monitor M6S is one of the best cameras out there in the market. But its lack of a standalone monitor leaves a hole that a mobile app can’t fill. Between this and the more expensiveness, iBaby ends up being just good, when it could have been a great device.

The Verdict.

The iBaby Monitor M6S comes with a great standalone app and lots of other bonus features. It’s streaming and pan/tilt responsiveness is outstanding. The camera has no accompanying monitor. While the motion and audio sensors are hypersensitive. There’s a lot to like about iBaby, but it feels a little bit pricey for something with no standalone monitor of its own and poor alerts. But it is still one of the best higher-end products of its type.