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Hypno Eye: A Versatile Ball Shaped Camera for 360 Degree Photography

Hypno Eye Ball Shaped Camera

A ball-shaped camera is not something new, and we have already seen such camera earlier. It started with Panono, the green rubber ball which is capable of shooting 360-degree photos but since then we have seen several evolving examples of this. Recently we got Hypno Eye, the cutting-edge ball-shaped camera to capture crisp 360-degree images and videos. The camera which is equally lighter in the pocket with a price tag of just $1400 can deliver a truly never before photo-shooting experience.

The evolution that happened

To understand the real worth of the new Hypno Eye, it is important to understand the evolution that took place from the first ball-shaped Panono to the latest avatar of a camera that can shoot 4K videos competing against the Frankenstein GoPro rigs. Most important of all, while all these abilities evolved pretty fast this camera can deliver awesome 4K video and crisp shots without sporting a big price tag like that of advanced cameras.

Equipped to grab awesome selfies

It delivers really professional grade camera performance and image output, but that does not prevent it from grabbing crisp and clear selfies. Besides allowing effortless shots, the camera can also be attached to a stick to deliver widest angle selfie images that were unthinkable with any other smartphone camera. But if you think this selfie stick can only make the camera a selfie grabbing machine you are wrong. For an outdoor photographer also it gives unmatched edge with widest angle photography. If a landscape photographer wishes to give his portfolio a distinct touch with a new range of 360-degree photos, Hypno Eye can be a stunning option.

Unmatched image quality

It takes wonderful crisp photos whether it’s indoor or outdoors. Just by mounting the camera on the stick or by throwing the camera up in the air you can grab astoundingly realistic looking beautiful selfies. Do you want to take an extra stride and spin the ball for capturing the circling effect on the captured images? Well, you can do it, but invariably you risk blurring the captured shots significantly in the process. But for the exuberant in us who always wishes to grab a selfie from a top angle with the hands outstretched, Hypno Eye can just be the perfect shooting equipment.

It comes with a connected app

This new ball-shaped camera also allows you grabbing images remotely through a connected mobile app. While using selfie stick you always risk being a little self-conscious when streaming the hands with the stick, the Panono app allows you taking photos remotely through the camera. The app available for both iOS and Android platforms can help you using this camera for more effective shooting actions. But the ability of the app doesn’t just end with this.

It can also stitch camera shots together captured by 36 lenses around the ball-shaped camera. The ease of processing with the app is another exceptional and commendable benefit of this camera. Instead of going for any specialised software for processing all you need is to upload the shots on the server of the app and you are done with the entire process of stitching the shots for a 360-degree view.

Are the controls enough?

Over the time after unpacking the camera when you start using it, the camera doesn’t provide enough controls to tweak the shots and deliver a complete view. For editing a particular image, you need to go to their website, download the image and process it through your own software or any software available over the net. When using the camera through in-app controls, you have a few detailed controls like managing the shutter speed, tweaking with the white balance, etc.

Another important drawback that we need to mention is the lack of quality in images when taking photos indoor. Most of the photos taken indoor looks still unsatisfactory when compared with the images taken outdoors in full light.

It’s a wrap, guys!

Lastly, when you look at the camera point blank and evaluate the pros and cons, the image quality seems to demand a lot of improvement in spite of the fact that the concept powering the camera is a unique one. The product on account of its unique concept deserves hype and popularity, especially when it is delivered at such an awesomely affordable price.