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Huawei VR Makes a Grand Entry in the Mobile VR Headset Arena!

Huawei VR headset

Huawei recently announced its foray into the world of mobile virtual reality today with Gear VR-like headsets named the “Huawei VR.”

The Shanghai launch event for smartphones is now preceded by the company’s new launch of VR headsets that nearly look like Gear VR wherein one can put in a smartphone and bind the head strap to go through the huge library of VR content available online. The company is the newest enterprise who have now donned VR hats and might even add some new features here.

Introduction to Huawei VR

Huawei VR is the first headset that is expected to support “360-degree sound field” (using headphones obviously). The Gear VR on the other hand has no spatial audio support even with the help of Milk VR app. It might be used as a meaningless marketing tool to attract audiences when there is nothing else to market. This Huawei headset series will be launched in three flavors so that it supports the newly launched P9 phones and even the larger Mate 8. One might not depend on it for incredibly crisp video quality but the company is promoting the VR solution in terms of its acoustics.

The VR devices will also highlight the difference between 1080p screen resolutions when compared to QuadHD displays that is featuring in Samsung Galaxy S7.

Technical Specifications

Huawei VR headset

  • The Huawei VR headset can connect to its newly launched P9 phone with the help of a USB-C cable that supports 130-inch TV simulation with a distance of two metres too.
  • Although the resolution will pale in comparison with the QHD Samsung offering, one can expect 639ppi resolution in its display.
  • The wearable itself is a series of good quality lenses, straps and extra padding for keeping the smartphone within. The new headset also includes touch control and back button along with a useful focus wheel too to keep the visuals steady and clear.
  • The VR headset is similar to LG 360 VR which connects the phone with a cable. The headset has its own display in this regard and can be presumed to be compatible with the newly launched Huawei P9 and the P9 Plus.
  • With 20ms latency, -7.00 myopic lenses, and a 95-degree field of view, the Huawei VR packs a punch. It also includes an anti-blue light filter for eye protection.  On a comparative basis, it is just about 96 degrees on Samsung’s Gear VR and even more on the HTC Vive at 110 along with the market leader Oculus Rift.

Content is the King

Content will always be the king with VR and Huawei VR will not lag behind. The company will be launching ton of content including movies, several cool 360 videos, terrific VR games, panoramic images and tours that can be experienced via the headset. One can expect nearly 4,000 free movies, about 40 games, 300+ panoramic images and more than a hundred and fifty tours.

This is the most exciting part of the VR headset and although it is still early days for the company and they haven’t yet announced the price and date, one will have to pay heed to their announcements in the coming days.

One would not be able to expect these headsets to be launched in the US even though the phones will be part of the plan. Limiting to China is the company’s present strategy and it is expected that the sales from the region will bolster their reach worldwide with even more success.