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Huawei Launched Honor 8 Pro With Great Specs at an Affordable Price

Honor 8 Pro

Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications company has been manufacturing mobile phones since 1997. The company also makes Android smartphones and tablets. Huawei just recently stepped into the smartwatch market with an Android Wear-based device. Huawei is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in China. Huawei recently launched Honor 8 Pro smartphone in April 2017. It’s a premium phablet, with the kind of spec that would put most flagships to shame.

Minimalist Design.

The Honor 8 Pro emits minimalist sophistication. Huawei Honor 8 Pro has a sleek, ultra-thin 6.97mm metal body. It is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. The device is built with loving attention to the finest details. Huawei Honor Pro 8 comes in three colors: navy blue, midnight black or platinum gold. All the three colors of Honor 8 Pro give off that stylish and energetic vibe.

Power Packed Performance.

Huawei Honor 8 Pro has the latest Octa-core Kirin 960. The processor raises CPU processing by 18%. While the Mali-G71 GPU exceeds its predecessor in graphic rendering by 180%. This is then combined with the 6GB RAM. It means you can just swiftly breeze through even the most demanding apps and games. Exceptional graphic processing by the Vulkan API lets the most demanding games to run at high frame rates with minimum lagging.

Beautiful Display.

Huawei’s Honor 8 Pro comes with Quad HD display. The display boasts performance that’s close to cinema standard. It delivers visuals with the highest levels of color accuracy and detail. It comes equipped with both a cardboard and the Jaunt VR app. This means you are just a short step away from the exciting world of VR, whether it’s gaming or amazing 360° video experiences.

Dual Camera.

Huawei’s Honor 8 Pro is an amazing device. But the jewel in the crown of the Honor 8 Pro’s cutting-edge hardware and software is its 12MP dual camera. The camera promises to deliver one great shot after another. The monochrome and RGB lenses work together to produce professional-level pictures. While the wide aperture mode creates stunning effects to really make your photos and videos stand out. With the 12MP dual camera, shoot razor-sharp footage with ultra-HD 4K video. You can then save it easily with Huawei’s revolutionary compressing technology.

EMUI 5.1.

The EMUI 5.1 is inspired by the white and blue of the Aegean. EMUI 5.1 delivers a bright, clean and seamless user experience. With 90% of the phone features 3 clicks away at most. The Honor 8 Pro is wired to constantly learn from your behavior and habits. This means you will always be one step ahead.

Battery Life.

Huawei Honor 8 Pro comes with a powerful battery. The 4000 mAh high-density battery works seamlessly alongside the latest SmartPower 5.0 technology. The battery gives you 2 full days of regular use. It gives nearly 1.5 days of heavy use. The powerful battery fits perfectly into the ultra-slim device body and is safe there.

The Verdict.

The Huawei Honor 8 Pro has an amazing dual-lens camera. It comes with a great screen and plenty of power. The battery life might prove to be a bit disappointing. Also, it has no waterproofing. This means that you will need to be extra careful when using your phone. The Huawei Honor 8 Pro has mind blowing specs. The affordable price of the phone makes it a worthy option. If you want high-end features without creating a hole in your pocket, go for it.