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HTC U11 Eyes: A Smartphone with Two Front Cameras for Selfie

HTC U11 Eyes

HTC U11 Eyes after creating tremendous buzz has finally arrived. Following the trend of so-called selfie centric phones, it features a pair of front cameras. Thanks to this the new HTC smartphone can deliver crisp selfie images allowing re-focus after a capture. U11 Eyes make use of the same bright “Liquid Design” just as its predecessor U11+ with some features excluded while offering it with a much affordable price tag. So, from buyer’s point of view, it is really a value-driven smartphone with least difference with the flagships.

It is power packed as well

The new HTC U11 Eyes is packed with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor. On the visual front, it offers 2,160 x 1,080 LCD screen. But as far as audio output is concerned it lacks the sharpness as it comes with only 3 speakers and no BoomSound speakers for stereo output. Apart from the much-improved camera and several plus elements for the front camera, the new HTC U11 Eyes lacks several elements that you normally expect from a flagship. The IP67 water plus dust resistance that was available with the earlier flagship is also available with new HTC U11 Eyes. Quite generous 3,930mAh battery power remained the same compared to the flagship U11.

Camera is what it is worth for

The biggest enhancement for the new HTC phone comes through the camera. It flaunts a superb 12-megapixel f/1.7 main camera powered with Optical Image Stabilisation or O.I.S. It is also equipped to deliver 4K video output.

The two U11 Eyes front cameras are capable to capture 5-megapixel shots with a f/2.2 aperture with a wide 80-degree view. HTC offered pretty equipped sensors with the front cameras and in the top of this decided to boost the picture quality through HDR Boost function just like the UltraPixel 3 main camera. The front camera is also capable of delivering 1080p video output.

More value additions for selfies

Apart from the two powerful front cameras, the new HTC phone offers a few more value additions for the selfie lovers. You can use the AR stickers with selfies to infuse fun to your images. You can also bring in other images from social media platforms and treat them with some nice cartoon animations corresponding to real life wearables like a hat, facial hair, sunglasses, etc. If you have liked the Snapchat way of doodling with your photographs, this new HTC phone will offer you even more. Moreover, these AR stickers can be used with snaps taken from both the front and back cameras. But obviously, tweaking the visuals with stickers is only limited to still images.

There is also Face Unlock feature

The new HTC U11 Eyes is equipped with a face unlock feature which will work great for unlocking the phone. But this feature is limited to unlock the device and cannot be used for unlocking mobile payment or as an active authentication technology for making payments through mobile payment apps. Additionally, you still have the fingerprint reader and authentication app or the old way of password unlocking feature available to unlock the device or for other authentication purposes.

Pricing and competition

As of now, U11 Eyes has just been revealed, and there is no certainty when it will be available in the markets beyond China. But residents of greater China region can grab the device now with a price tag of HK$3,898 or about US$500 for a 64GB model which is powered with 4GB of RAM. The device will be available in three color options, respectively as Solar Red, Amazing Silver and Ceramic Black.

It is waiting for a worldwide launch very soon, and after the global launch, it is expected to flaunt a price tag of HK$3,200 or nearly US$410. The price seems quite affordable and acceptable given the fact that it is built with the latest chipset developed only in 2016. The huge boost with a superb front camera for selfie captures and superb rear camera make this phone a lucrative choice for anyone looking for great value at an affordable price.

Final verdict

When it is about taking a final call on the product, it cannot be a choice alongside major flagships. But it can be a great mid-budget choice that can deliver crisp selfies and the superb rear camera captures.