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Is the HTC 10 Worthy Of Your Attention?

HTC 10

With the tagline “Power of 10”, HTC has announced its next flagship smartphone called HTC 10 that symbolizes “greatness and independence” offering more than a shiny new metal design, terrific camera, and improved performance. A huge improvement over the M9 version, the handset will have a 5.2-inch, QHD display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset, and 4GB of RAM. It will be bolstered by a 3,000mAh battery inside the svelte body.

In terms of looks, specs, hardware and unique features it is a compelling phone with updated imaging features and outstanding battery performance. It will compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 in the best of smartphones for 2016 especially on the Android platform.

HTC 10 with Splendid Design

HTC 10 is a unique body device covered with metal which feels sturdy and well made. The chassis is slightly curved too. The edges are noticeably sloped that aids grip and look great too. All in all, the design, finish and gait of the HTC 10 is classy, neat and premium all rolled into one.

8 Salient Features of the HTC 10

  1. HTC has mentioned that the new smartphone has an “ultra-selfie” front camera designed to reduce the risk of blurry shots. The HTC 10’s rear camera is ranked as one of the best in this context. The front is five megapixels and the rear 12MP.
  2. Photos can be captured in RAW format that is a rarity- allowing more flexibility for tinkering them with photo editing software and photographers.
  3. It also claims “the world’s first stereo 24-bit Hi-Res audio recording, that can capture 256 times more detail than any of the standard recordings, across twice the frequency range.” Three microphones inbuilt with noise cancellation features and Hi-Res Audio Stereo Recording add to the audio sheen.
  4. HTC10’s quad HD display is 30 percent more colorful and 50 percent more responsive to touch gestures than its predecessor.
  5. The firm also claims that its battery 3,000 mAh can be charged to 50 percent in just 30 minutes with its fast charging feature.
  6. The company has included special Sensors: Fingerprint Sensor, along with Sensor Hub as the latest feature.
  7. It can even stream video and audio to Apple TV set-top boxes as it has taken its license.
  8. The HTC10’s software feels remarkably clean while Blink Feed help too. The location-based app suggestion widget is included with the phone while one can install custom themes in case you do not like any of the custom themes.

What is so Exciting?

While the company also notes that the HTC 10 was subjected to nearly 168 hours of extreme temperature tests, one can see there are multiple improvements within the hood. Aside from the camera, which is a huge update for HTC, the audio capability with its Boom Sound technology is enriched too. This high performance digital to analog conversion can help in ten times lower distortion than any of the other devices on the market.

The phone is compatible with Google Cardboard cases for an incredible virtual reality experience with a single touch.

Market Launch

The latest smartphone from HTC will be launched in four colors: Carbon Grey, Glacier Silver, Topaz Gold, and Camellia Red while the two smartphone versions will sport different Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

It will cost £569 when it goes on sale and it nearly matches the price of Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

The Verdict

HTC has created a new flagship Android phone since its move to quad core processors and have delivered a winner. One would have to wait and see if there is any specific improvements but in an overall context, it does work as a competitive alternative to other flagship smartphones.