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HP ZBook x360 – The Most Powerful Convertible Work Stations

HP ZBook Studio x360

As we all know, HP isn’t the first one to bring in the convertible mobile work station. It was Lenovo, back in 2015. But HP did come up with some really good hybrids and has now brought some of that sensitivity to its newly updated 15-inch Zbook x360. The Studio G5 and the new Studio x360 easily breakout from the old mould of black-and-gray slabs and thick-grooved displays.

A display that can perceive a billion colors

The Studio G5 and the new Studio x360 come with the HP DreamColor 4K anti-glare display. This display is 20% brighter than Apple MacBook Pro and 50% brighter than Dell XPS5. It allows you to experience one billion vibrant colors.

Compared to the industry standard sRGB, the Zbook come with Adobe RGB that offer you more colors to work with and to see. It is pretty useful for color critical workflows. It can be of great help when you need to match the color setting of your camera, or the final desired color in print.

Our eyes can perceive more than one billion colors. The Zbooks have the display that can match that. It provides a more true-to-life representation of your color-critical work. The display also comes with 600 nits brightness. This allows you to see and discern different vivid colors. The lighting condition you are working in doesn’t really matter.

It has a display that helps reduce glare. It also improves the touchscreen experience with your hand and with the pen. The surface of the screen is texturized and matt-like. It feels more like drawing on paper. There is also an ambient light sensor. It automatically dims or brightens based on your surroundings. This way you can take your work anywhere be it indoors or outdoors.

360 degree pro performance

The new Zbook x360 is an amazing convertible laptop which is created to run multiple apps with great speed and responsiveness. It allows you to easily edit high resolution images without lagging. It comes with the 8th generation Intel Xeon processors that can tackle heavy workload. It gives you stability, data integrity and protection against any crashes. You can smoothly edit your designs and give multi-layered files with certified NVIDIA Quadro P1000 graphics. It also allows you to save files locally up to 4TB local storage.


The major highlight of the Zbook is its innovative 360-degree hinge. It works as a laptop and as a tablet both while allowing you the luxury of additional modes. It can be used in diagonal laptop design. You can also use it in a tablet mode which allows you to sketch, edit and design on-the-go with a Wacon AES Pen. You can also showcase your work using the stand and tent modes for reviewing your work. You can also dock and connect to several modes easily.

Other amazing features

  1. Windows 10 pro: The Zook comes with a Windows 10 Pro. It also includes advanced security, connectivity, and collaboration features which help you power through your projects.
  2. IR camera: The Zbook comes with an IR Camera which allows facial recognition. This allows you to log-in safely to your computer with the help of the 720p HD webcam with infrared.
  3. Quick charge: The Zbook features super fast charging and a really long lasting battery life. Its 16 hours of battery life provides you with maximum productivity. The ultra fast charging boosts the battery to 50% within just 30 minutes.
  4. Security features: The Zbook includes security features like fingerprint reader, facial recognition and HP Sure View. It allows you to have a privacy screen with just a touch of a button.
  5. Bang & Olufsen audio: Hosting virtual meetings will be much more fun and easy now. The HP Collaboration Keyboard, 3rd mic and webcam help with that. There are four speakers custom tuned by Bang & Olufsen.
  6. Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports: File uploading and transfer speeds will become faster now with the Thunderbolt 3, which is faster than USB 3.0 at 4 40Gbps.

A versatile solution to all your work needs

The HP Zbook x360 is going to be a versatile solution and will let you take your creative workflow from planning to final production. It helps you tackle editing, color grading and retouching. It will also prove to be an important device for people who need to work both inside and outside of their offices. It allows you to sketch, concept, model and render 3D designs on one device. The HP Studio x360 is expected to ship this month at a starting price of $1,300.