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HP Z 3D Camera: A PC Camera for 3D Content Creation

HP Z 3D Camera

We all have basic ideas about home theater headsets which tend to deliver great viewing experience in spite of some limitations. Over the years they evolved, but none of them really could get over one salient problem, and it is the way they cover our face and really put a barrier before the outside world. When you wear a headset, no one can really catch your attention unless he or she just taps on your shoulder. Being cut off from the surrounding was something most home theater headsets were helpless about. Thanks to the latest HP Z 3D camera such a big limitation of the wearable home theater can really be a thing of the past.

HP recently introduced an all-in-one PC named Sprout which has an inbuilt 3D camera along with a 3D scanner referred as the HP Z 3D Camera. It has a low footprint form, and it is offered at a relatively easy to reach a price.

The inspiration behind HP Z 3D

As the 3D content is facing widespread demand and popularity, for the content creators and end users it has become extremely crucial to get innovative and easy to use hardware to ensure optimum productivity and 3D viewing experience. HP Z 3D Camera offers several eras defining attributes besides helping the content creators with extreme ease of use and highly automated workflows.

Awesome 3D content creation with ease

According to HP, the HP Z 3D Camera has been expressly built for game developers and 3D content developers who thanks to this new camera can easily digitise their contents without needing to pay a premium. The $3,700 Sprout Pro desktop packed with the HP Z 3D Camera is one of the most affordable machines to create 3D contents. It is also very easy to share, and this makes collaborative output even easier. As for attaching the camera, HP Z 3D Camera offers immense flexibility, and it comes with three adhesive bases allowing you to stick to the backside of different display units.

What it offers?

The HP Z 3D Camera comes packed with a 14MP camera that facing down can capture 2D images and this helps you with tasks like scanning documents and images when you need. The same camera is also capable to capture crisp 2D videos to help to record the activities of the user. The same camera provides you with an advanced technology referred as SLAMscan to help with the 3D scanning of objects. Thanks to this feature one can create in real time the 3D models of real-life objects.

A whole suite of advanced features

The HP Z 3D Camera comes bundled with the HP WorkTools applications suite that delivers an array of advanced features. Thanks to this feature-rich suite you can just remove your photographed hands that hold a 3D object in front of the camera. The camera is capable of determining the object differentiating the object from the hands that hold it.

HP WorkTools software

The camera that works with HP WorkTools software provides. OBJ files following the scans captured by it. These image files can easily be incorporated into any popular 3D modeling software for further creative input and content creation. It also allows dragging and dropping the scanned images into the Windows 10 PowerPoint 3D and Paint 3D apps.

The WorkTools software at the same time helps to enhance the images by auto-balancing the white portion of the images. Featuring automated keystone software it helps you with calibration, and you do not need to involve for this.

Which PCs will this camera work with?

If you are going to purchase HP Sprout that comes decked with this camera, you have the ideal machine and configuration for you. But for other PCs, the company said that the HP Z 3D Camera would only work with latest and highly equipped PCs offering state of the art GPU. As per the company, the mandatory GPU requirement is at least a GTX 960M mobile GPU along with two USB Type-A port respectively for power and for data. The company also recommends using latest and high resolution monitors to use with the HP Z 3D Camera.

Availability and price

HP Z 3D Camera has just been launched and is not available yet, but as per the company, it can hit the market around March this year. It would be priced at $599.

Final verdict

HP Z 3D Camera is truly a step ahead towards making 3D content creation more affordable and easier for anyone with less experience. At the same time with a lot of value added features, it would be a godsend for content creators and 3D artists.