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HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook Brings the Dark Side Alive!

HP Star Wars Laptop

Right from the packaging to the software and the look and feel of the notebook, HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook is a monster of a product! You will be welcomed by Darth Vader image and the notebook is encased with foam inserts that look like Imperial starfighters. Even the packaging is something that you will keep safe, if you are a Star Wars fan!

The HP Star Wars Laptop is actually a midlevel 15-inch HP laptop, just like HP’s Pavilion 15 and not a high-end gaming system. It is priced as per its specifications too.

Star Specifications

The look of the notebook complements a gaming rig, but it is not one. It is a mainstream notebook with a nerdy makeover starring a Core i5 processor (an i7 is also available). The notebook can be expanded to include 12GB of RAM and a 2TB hard disk along with a powerful graphic card which is NVIDIA GeForce 940M GPU. It does have an average CPU and a modest memory but it can be upgraded to a Full HD touchscreen display.

Since the look is distinctive enough with black-on-gray design and red highlights, one can find a subtle feel of the Stars Wars universe with monochromatic images of Darth Vader everywhere. The backlit keyboard is coloured with deep red, and it shines from behind each of the translucent letter keys.

The Star Wars laptop includes extras too like a backlit keyboard, an additional DVD drive and faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi. One might even find some steep price declines during the holiday shopping season, so it is preferable to keep an eye out for sales.

The Star Wars Memorabilia

The new 15-inch notebook is unlike many of the laptops or notebooks out there. It is an ode to the classic as it includes images of Stormtroopers and the Star Fighter Guidance System and textured with a “battleworn” feel.

  • The touchpad includes Luke Skywalker’s Death Star trench run. The Aurebesh font within the system uses the words “Galactic Empire” and there are many matching accessories along with the system that include a laptop sleeve and a wireless mouse, replicating the look completely.
  • As part of the software, the Star Wars effect can be seen in the way the standard Recycle Bin gives way to a Death Star icon.
  • The typical system sounds include various Star Wars beeps. Even the HP pre-loaded content includes a staggering 1,100-plus images of Star Wars history and its themes, screensavers, wallpapers, storyboards, posters, and even costume designs.
  • A Marvel Star Wars comic is pre-loaded, along with movie trailers and excerpts.
  • The background collections consist of 12 and 35 images each, and mostly display Tatooine and Endor locations, characters or behind-the-scenes images. The user can automatically rotate the images on a timer of 30 seconds or any, to keep the nostalgia going.

The Starry Conclusion

As a Star Wars fan, this is a must buy Star Wars laptop although it would have been preferable if it was a higher-end laptop, constructed from extremely premium materials and terrific graphics options. But with the design, the makers have assured that the fans have everything going with the Star Wars elements, red backlit keyboard, character images, and custom packaging materials with iconic constructs too.

Spending $700 is cool for such a midsize, midrange laptop, and one would find it reasonable with so much memorabilia inside it. As a fan, the Darth Vader laptop is great enough to flaunt around, spending nearly the same as any other mid-range laptop but with more nerd love.