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Introducing HP Pavilion Wave, the Desktop PC Reinvented

HP Pavilion Wave

If you are a keen watcher of the digital trends, you might have noticed that HP has started refurbishing all its laptop and tablet products with value added hardware enhancement, design changes and features. This time, HP did this with its PC range. Yes, the all new HP Pavilion Wave is mostly a revolutionary design coupled up with great specs and features. Have you ever thought of having a sophisticated desktop PC capable of offering great audiovisual experience? Well, HP Pavilion Wave can just fit the bill perfectly.

What is it?

Many consider at first countenance that it must be a fancy designed Bluetooth speaker and so to say, it is a speaker. But it is actually the PC cabinet itself with inbuilt speaker and all that make HP Pavilion Wave an ahead-of-time PC.

Innovative Design

HP Pavilion Wave

Pavilion Wave measures 6.81 x 6.62 x 10.29 inches and is designed in vertical rounded shape with triangular, cylinder orientation. The whole PC looks further amazing with a thick-threaded fabric wrapping that you generally encounter in fancy-designed speakers or subwoofers. The PC is built to allow sound emanating from the top under the matte-finished lid with the chrome HP logo. HP Pavilion Wave at a glance within a home environment looks more like a small subwoofer that can be put anywhere.

Astounding Features of HP Pavilion Wave

It is not design alone that makes HP Pavilion Wave such a great product. Even when it is compared with Apple’s Mac Pro, the Pavilion Wave does not come way behind. Though, it is actually a home theater PC that has been designed to fit and use across the living area. Well, let us have a look at the astounding features and specs of HP Pavilion Wave at a glance.

  • You can enjoy 4K video quality along with robust gaming experience.
  • It comes packed with sixth-generation, quad-core Intel Core i3 or i5 processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM and two disk space choices varying from a 128GB, PCIe solid-state drive (SSD) to a 1TB spinning drive at 7,200 rpm.
  • Both the versions of Pavilion Wave comes with three USB 3.0 ports, one USB-C port, a combo headphone/mic jack, an audio out Jack, HDMI, a DisplayPort, an SD card reader and a Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • You can always configure both the models as per your liking. As for added configuration support, HP states that as much as 16GB of RAM, a maximum of 1TB solid-state hybrid drive or 2TB of straight spinning storage and an Intel Core i7 chip can be added to either of the models.
  • Both Wave versions offer an additional option of adding an AMD R9 M470 graphics chip helping 4K video playback gaming experience better.

360° of Stunning Surround Sound

In sound, many reviewers compared it instantly with Amazon Echo simply because of the Bluetooth speaker. But, as for judging the quality of sound, the comparison seems groundless because HP Pavilion Wave offers a far better true surround sound experience in any living ambience. The real sound maker is the top firing speaker just below the lead that ensures literally a 360-degree sound. There is parabolic reflector located on the very top that actually makes the push for the sound spread around. For a small form desktop in a living room ambience, it offers more than any regular bookshelf speakers. While most desktops lack any built-in speakers, the speakers in HP Pavilion Wave seem to be a real value proposition for the buyers.

Price & Availability

HP Pavilion Wave has just been unveiled and nothing is yet known about the availability of the product worldwide. In US market it will be available from sporting 3rd September and the price starts at $529.


HP with this new refurbished and recharged Pavilion Wave literally helped PCs come to the limelight that for some time has become overshadowed with handheld devices and laptops. Even when all-in-one devices are increasingly becoming rare the Pavilion Wave arrived with all the value proposition that we forgot to expect from PCs altogether.

The price of the product has also not been too ambitious compared to the other gaming PCs and professional grade products that are being offered with comparable specs.