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HP Omen X – A Revolutionary and Powerful Gaming Desktop

HP Omen X

The Omen X desktop is specifically designed for gaming from the very beginning. This revolutionary gaming PC is unmatchable. This PC has got insane power and an innovative cooling system that can easily take on the latest AAA games, even at their highest settings. Omen X has got an easily upgradable custom case so as to evolve to satisfy any future performance demands. The Omen X desktop by HP is one of the best and boldest PC designs of the year.

HP Omen X with Revolutionary Thermal Design

The Omen X has a pretty brilliant design that makes it very easy to access the ports, the drive bays, and even the interior of the system. With standard desktops, it becomes a hassle to get access to the ports or swapping out hard drives and graphic cards. For that, you usually have to lie them down on their side, or else crawl up next to them on the floor, which makes removing the side panel difficult, and also makes swapping out hard drives and graphics cards, an inconvenience.

A powerful gaming PC like Omen X needs a strong cooling system. The Omen X comes with optional liquid cooling, an innovative tri—chamber design, and top mounted angled vents that keep your Omen X running cool. The Tri-chamber design is an innovative case that separates the GPU, hard drives, and power supply of the Omen X into three separate chambers, with dedicated cooling in each for optimal thermal management. With three 120mm liquid cooling radiators, you can add the superb whisper-quiet thermal management of liquid cooling to your CPU and up to two GPUs. Using the top-mounted exhaust vents, hot air rises up, and the stand lifts the tower, helping cool air gets pulled in and rise out of the vents.

Powerful Processor and Great Power Supply

  1. Processor: It has a superb processor that supports for up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM, and incredible clock speeds, this powerful processor is perfect for gaming.
  2. Memory & Storage: Keep everything running smoothly, even while you game, watch, and record simultaneously with storage up to 32GB of RAM.The latest AAA games eat up storage fast, but with four storage bays capable of holding 3TB each, and an optional SSD up to 512GB, storage won’t be a problem.
  3. Power Supply: Equipped with an incredible 600W or 1300W power supply, this machine is prepared for multiple GPUs and power hungry CPUs with plenty of headroom left for overclocking.
  4. Industry Standard: The OMEN X chassis adheres to all industry standards and supports micro-ATX motherboard builds, so you can upgrade with any parts.
  5. 45-degree angle: With a 45° angled design, you don’t have to crawl on the floor or move your machine to access the interior and change parts.
  6. Tool-less access: Innovative tool-less access to the four storage bays allows you to quickly swap or add storage to your system without even opening the case.
  7. Toolkit included: With a two-sided screwdriver and 15 replacement screws hidden behind the OMEN logo, you can open it up and change parts without any additional tools.
  8. Cable Management: In OMEN X, the PSU, and its bulky cords have been tucked out of sight behind the motherboard.
  9. OMEN Control: With nine lighting zones and four color modes, OMEN X can light up based on hardware usage, audio, or just show off your favorite colors.

The Verdict

The HP Omen X starts at $1,600 and is available for purchase. The HP Omen X is a powerful gaming desktop with a modern, minimalist design, and is angled in a way for easy access to ports and other components. HP Omen X is a powerful gaming desktop with smart ergonomics into a bold piece.