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HP’s EliteBook x360 Now Comes with LTE

EliteBook x360 G3 with LTE

This month HP is updating some of its Elite series PCs. The highlight of this is a slightly altered version of EliteBook x360. The new model of the EliteBook x360 looks pretty much like the old one. But according to HP, the new model will have a 10 percent smaller overall footprint. The bezels on the sides and the bottom, that are around the display are made thinner. This is seen as a good improvement.

Improvements to x360

But the reduction of the size of bezels is not it. There’s more to this new model. The major improvement here is the addition of LTE. But LTE will be offered as an optional feature. So in order to enjoy the LTE feature, you will have to pay more. But the EliteBook x360 1030 G3 will prove to be one of the high-end and best devices yet that HP will offer with a data connection. It will feature a quad-core Intel Core i7-8650U processor. It will also have up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage. Along with that, it will also feature an Intel UHD 620 graphics card.

Brightest display

HP claims that the new EliteBook x360 1030 G3 will be almost three times brighter than an average Ultrabook. This update will help your laptop in overcoming both glare and sunlight in order to provide you with improved outdoor visibility. This display might be one of the brightest displays in both commercial and consumer markets. The display can reach up to 700 nits of brightness.

With a focus on business users

HP’s Elite series has always focused on business users. But HP’s consumer line and the business line seems to be blurry at times when the company tries to appeal to younger people. Along with the smaller bezels for a compact design and an option for a brighter display, EliteBook x360 1030 G3 also features a CNC unibody chassis.

A day-long battery

The EliteBook x360 1030 G3 features very powerful hardware within and also has day-long battery life. It offers up to 18 hours of battery life. It is just 15.8 mm thin and weighs around 1.25 kgs. The EliteBook x360 1030 G3 is HP’s smallest convertible laptop to date, which focuses on business.

Comes with a smart stylus

The EliteBook x360 1030 G3 features Cat9 LTE networks for super fast connectivity. The device also comes with a very smart stylus accessory. This stylus notifies you when it is out of range and left behind. The stylus will be sold separately. This stylus has got some updates too. It will now feature a higher degree of pressure sensitivity and can be easily charged over USB-C.

Other updates

Apart from all these interesting updates, it is also getting other very interesting alterations or additions. HP says the screen of the laptop will be covered with an anti-glare screen coating. The webcam of the laptop has been updated to 1080p or 4K touchscreen display options. The EliteBook has now got a magnetic side so that it will clip on and be sturdy. The stylus also attaches to the magnetic side of the laptop.

The laptop has a 360-degree hinge. It allows you to use in notebook, tablet, stand or tent modes. The laptop will be shipped with an optional HP Privacy Camera. This is done to make sure the webcam stays safe from malevolent inspection. This configuration is called the SureView and will cost an additional $50. This feature can be accessed through one of the function keys on the laptop. Once you press it, the sides of the screen will be darkened and it will protect any sensitive information on your display from being seen by others. The laptop’s from HP’s Elite series can combat extreme humidity, extreme temperatures, vibrations and high altitudes.

Sure recover

HP also features a Sure Recover software. This allows you to reimage your screen automatically. It fixes the blue screen without the requirement for a network connection. Also, it comes with 4 speakers, 4 discrete amps, and lower bass. The laptop also features a Full HD webcam and an improved noise cancelling microphone.

Available next month

HP is also updating a few other products from the Elite series. There is also a 15.6-inch laptop called the EliteBook 1050. The EliteBook x360 1030 G3 will be made available from next month at a starting price of $1,449.