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Hover Camera – A flying pint-sized personal cameraperson

hover camera


Most drone cameras give their users some crazy aerial perspectives that is not possible with heavy and expensive cameras. But here is one created by Zero Zero Robotics named the Hover camera which is not the average drone. It makes aerial photography as simple as point-and- shoot camera operations. Headquartered in Beijing, the 80-person company has come out of their incubation, having worked on the flying robot for nearly two years now.

Unique Features

Hover is their first drone that is also a compact UAV with an integrated high-definition camera and an intriguing design. The drone folds in half when it’s not in use so it can be stowed easily, and then it opens into a square shape when it’s ready to launch. Using a downward facing camera, the little drone tries its best to stay perfectly level and still. Hover camera is an awesome drone that can follow and record every step with its built in camera in a compact design at the fraction of the price of other drones.

Technical Specifications

  • Embedded by AI running on a quad-core Snapdragon processor it will follow you automatically while snapping 13 megapixel stills and 4K video on command.
  • It has got a well built up electronic image stabilization for smooth footage, which folds up to roughly the size of a book making it more durable and lightweight that helps protect both the camera itself and those around it.
  • Zero Zero Robotics has already gone further with its Hover Camera by making it even cooler with the fact that its propellers are fully enclosed by a strong carbon fiber frame, thus making it the safest drone.
  • The Hover Camera comes in at only 238 grams, and it looks like an VHS cassette tape when the propeller wings are folded. All the four propellers feature brushless motors, which are developed in-house.
  • Given a single charge, the UAV will last for about eight minutes; after which one can swap out the battery at the top. It even comes with a dual- tone flash that should come in handy for low-light situations.

How Does it Works

Hover camera doesn’t come with a controller; it can be controlled by fingers and some virtual buttons in the mobile app. It’s only on a single-axis gamble, that uses electronic image stabilization which is fine-tuned off late. A single finger drag controls the camera’s pitch and the drone, while a two-finger drag controls the altitude along with the horizontal direction.

There are also two dedicated buttons for moving forward and backward. The app has the facility that lets you grab a 720p copy of the 4K videos stored in the drone’s 32GB internal memory. You will just need a micro-USB 3.0 Type B cable to transfer original copies to the computer. The 360 Pane mode gives splendid face tracking and body tracking measures while showing a 360 degree view. The drone consists of sensors including the accelerator, gyroscope and barometer. It lacks the GPS tracker, so one would have to actually search for it manually when it loses altitude.

Price and Availability

You can also expect some more cool features like gesture control and orbiting mode to be added later on by Zero Zero Robotics. Till then anybody should be able to use Hover right out of the box, because its AI and advanced flight algorithms will work better than most. One can expect the price for Hover to hover around $600, which seems pretty reasonable given its capabilities and materials. One can also expect the Hover Camera to achieve good image quality with plenty of tricks to use.