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Honeybot is a New Educational Companion Robot

Honeybot educational companion robot

Honeybot is an interactive and educative home robot with multiple functions. It costs less than a textbook and creates a new way for parents to educate and spend time with their children. Through Honeybot, children can also watch 3D Dinosaur animation on their TV screens.

What is Honeybot?

  1. Teacher: It creates an exclusive interactive virtual life scene. It teaches life common sense to children while playing games. This way it helps children develop good living habits.
  2. Connector: It comes with interesting voices for asking and answering together with HD onboard video chatting. It becomes a connector between parents and children.
  3. Friend: It is not just a toy, but it is a kid’s best friend. It has cute designs and lovely faces in it.
  4. Inspiration Creator: The Augmented Reality function on It helps children to understand knowledge from 3D animation.
  5. Storyteller: It is an active storyteller by bringing books to life for children.
  6. Artwork: It has a beautiful design and a smooth appearance.
  7. Entertainer: It can be used to learn, to play, and to have fun.

Pre-installed Apps.

  • AR Aquarium App: This is a 3D drawing app specially developed for the kindergarten educational system. It is developed by experienced preschool education experts. Children’s drawings are transformed into 3D cartoon animations. This is done through image recognition and color extraction technology. It consists lively voice introductions and professional teaching lessons. It helps children to learn about marine animals while studying painting.
  • AR Yolk World App: This interactive cognitive app is aimed at early childhood and elementary school education. It uses the latest 3D imaging to show the child interacting with 90 lifelike images of dinosaurs, animals, and vehicles. It provides a real interactive sensory experience, making a big impression on kids.
  • Simulated Daily Life App: This app helps kids learn about the proper daily routines, behavior, and electronic pet raising. Honeybot is hungry, needs a bath, and is sleepy. Children need to learn to take care of the little Honeybot for the correct daily habits for themselves and pets. It shows a detailed presentation of food, making children more likely to eat healthy food and less junk.

Honeybot Features.

  • Interactive Multi-Screens: Miracast can be used through WIFI to display and control multimedia content between Honeybot and a smart TV for larger screen viewing of the robot’s display and less eye strain.
  • Voice Changing Live Talk: Real-time communication between children and parents. The parent’s tone of voice is imitated so children can recognize him or her. It will play the parent’s voice and will act emotionally, providing Honeybot with human attributes. Children can also send voice messages to Honeybot and parents.
  • One Click Synchronization: Using one-click synchronization, you can send audio/video to Honeybot after recording from a smartphone.
  • Video Call & Remote Monitoring: 264 standard video enables smooth and clear video. You can start a remote video through the app. Children cannot initiate to avoid disturbing parents. Parents can also send remote commands telling Honeybot to check on their children.
  • Daily Timetable Control & Honeybot Playtime Control: in order to help children form healthy routines, It can activate automatically in the morning to remind children to wake-up. Honeybot can also shift into a dormant mode to only tell bedtime stories.
  • Honeybot Playtime Control: a feature to protect children from visual/mental fatigue. After using it for over 30 minutes when parents are not around, reminders are sent to parents to activate to a dormant mode for 30 minutes. You can easily adjust time or even turn it off completely.

Honeybot Robot Specs.

It comes with 200 audio and video learning materials with one-click synchronization. It is 10’ tall and weighs approximately 1.7 pounds. It knows two languages: English and Mandarin. More languages will be added later. The operating system that Honeybot uses is Android 5.1. It has a Samsung 5MP AF camera, 5-inch HD display with advanced full lamination tempered glass and rapid image identification. It runs on a Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and has 1080p FHD video codec coprocessor for quick processing. It comes with a 3W high-fidelity speaker to chat, tell a story, sing and works with all Google Play apps.

What’s In The Box?

Honeybot is available at a retail price of $349. For a limited time, Indiegogo pre-sale discounted pricing was $229-$259. That again depended on the version. The Indiegogo pre-sale includes the Honeybot robot, charger, cables, AR aquarium drawing card, AR Yolk World card, remote control, and free shipping.