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Get Assistance from the Hitachi EMIEW3 Robot on your Next Shopping Trip

Hitachi EMIEW3 Robot

Technological innovations have led to the growth of the robotic industry. Today, thousands of robots are being designed and launched worldwide in various industries like manufacturing, health, and home. Most of these robots are built in order to carry out tasks and help humans live their daily lives with more ease.

The EMIEW3 Robot

Japanese multinational company Hitachi, which manufactures products across industries like IT, social infrastructure, financial services, power systems, automotive systems, digital media and electronic equipment, has recently unveiled the Hitachi EMIEW3 Robot. An upgrade to the EMIEW1 that was launched in 2005 and the EMIEW2 that was demonstrated in 2007, the Hitachi Robot is a humanoid assistant robot built to offer full-fledged customer service; it can help shoppers find their way around stores and public facilities. The Hitachi Robot aims to help tourists in a large way, as it has the capability to switch languages.

Robust Design

While the Hitachi Robot does not look very different from its previous versions, it incorporates a robust design. Weighing 15 Kg and standing at 35 inches, the Hitachi EMIEW3 Robot has a heart-shaped LED beneath the surface of its chest which indicates the robot is operational. The Hitachi Robot can travel at a maximum speed of 6km/hour. However, the red and white robot is not very personable, and doesn’t have a built-in display that shows information.

Intelligent Processing System

  • The Hitachi Robot is an active robot and has an improved skill set which is provided from a remotely-located intelligent processing system.
  • The remote-brain can process images, recognize voices and identify languages.
  • It links the knowledge of human movement patterns with cameras that cater for environmental recognition.
  • Network cameras can be set up that enables the robot to learn about a store’s present condition, identifying customers in need and reaching out to them.
  • Once the robot finds customers that need support, it engages with them on its own.
  • The Hitachi Robot makes use of an intelligent voice and language processing technology that focuses on where voice is coming from.
  • This allows voices to be recognized and translated even in loud and noisy environments.
  • The Hitachi Robot has the ability to interact and share information with other Robots, enabling shoppers to have an automated and seamless shopping experience.

The Hitachi EMIEW3 – Better than Counterparts

While there are a variety of similar robots available in the market, the Hitachi EMIEW3 offers features that are non-existent in other robots. The Robot is much faster than its counterparts, and has the ability to listen to instructions in noisy environments. Built through a series of innovations and lessons learnt from its predecessor and competition, the Hitachi Robot knows when to slow down and can also get back up on its feet after a fall. It can identify people asking for help, recognize voices, respond to questions and also has the ability to approach people on its own.

Available Only in 2018

With such an array of features, the Hitachi Robot is surely a product of desire. However, users might have to wait until 2018 before they can lay their hands on one. The good news is Hitachi plans to offer the robot beyond Japan, so users across the world can use the Hitachi Robot to guide them through offices and stores anywhere.

Enjoy Proactive Assistance

The EMIEW3 Robot is designed to identify and assist curious shoppers and clueless tourists to find their way through stores and malls. With the ability to pass information to other robots and respond to questions in time, the Hitachi Robot can be of great help to people around the world. So next time you lose your way in a shopping mall, the Hitachi EMIEW3 Robot can come to your rescue!