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Gryphon – A Revolutionary WiFi to Manage your Home’s Internet Activities

Gryphon WiFi Router

Gryphon is a revolutionary, powerful WiFi router that protects children from inappropriate content on the internet and also protects all your devices online with the help of a companion app.

Elegant Design

Gryphon’s simple and high-performance technology is loaded in a beautiful and sleek design. The design is inspired by the sculptor school of Mannerism. It is designed to proudly display out in the open. The curves on Gryphon lets the internal antennas inside orthogonally to create the best-radiated patterns for optimal RF performance.

Powerful Features of Gryphon

  1. Simultaneous Tri-band WiFi: With the help of Tri-band WiFi on Gryphon, you can use three WiFi radios to support both new and old devices and guest networks all at the same time. A Tri-band router has an extra 5Ghz channel built in. More devices can run without congestion and everything can work faster with the Tri-band.
  2. 6 High-powered Internal Antennas: Each Gryphon router gives up to 2500 square feet of optimal coverage, thanks to the 6 high-powered internal antennas.
  3. DFS Band: You can increase your WiFi bandwidth by 300% by using the newly approved RADAR bands.
  4. Wireless Mesh Networking: You can connect multiple Gryphons to extend WiFi signals throughout the whole house, removing dead spots in the house.
  5. MU-MIMO Technology: The MU-MIMO technology on Gryphon lets you open separate data streams for each device, which makes your network much more sufficient.
  6. Antenna Beam Forming: You can broadcast data in optimized directions for each device, to increase both signal distance and speed.
  7. 802.11bgn and AC: It has the latest WiFi standard that supports much higher throughput with AC as well as legacy devices with bgn.
  8. Free Software Updates: Gryphon makes new features available through their regular software updates.

Digital Parenting

  1. Screen Time Management: Using the companion app, you can set age levels for each device, pre-set bedtimes, homework times, or pause the internet. You can set Internet time limits for each child separately and view their browsing history, even the ones they view in incognito mode.
  2. Real-Time Request & Approval: If you have locked any website, the child can send you a real-time request on your phone. You can immediately review and grant permission from anywhere.
  3. Crowd Ranking: Approval ratings through Crowd Ranking guides parents to know which websites are appropriate for children.
  4. Safe List Sharing: Share your safe list of websites among friends, teachers, and the community.

Security with Gryphon

  • Intelligent Intrusion Detection: Each connected device on the network has a unique fingerprint and the fingerprint will change in case of an attack on the device. Intrusion Detection works round the clock and uses machine learning to identify the unique fingerprint on each device on your network.
  • Whole House Malware Protection: It avoids malware from entering your home by filtering the incoming data streams to clean up. There is no need to install any software on your devices as this is done within the Gryphon router.

The Gryphon App

Gryphon has a simple, yet powerful companion app that lets you manage your entire WiFi network. The app runs on both Android and iOS devices. It allows you to view all your connected devices, manage site access in real-time, and review browsing history.

Easy to setup

First Step: Plug in your Gryphon router.

Second Step: The App will find the router through a secure Bluetooth connection.

Third Step: Tap ‘Connect’ and the setup will be done automatically.

Price & Availability

The retail price of Gryphon is $199 and will start shipping in June 2017. You can pre-order it on Kickstarter.

The Bottom Line

Gryphon is a compelling and energetic device making it easy for parents and families to manage the connected home. Gryphon comes with 3 free months of Whole House Malware Filtering and free Parental Control with CrowdRanking for life.