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Graava Action Camera Automatically Edits Video Footage

Graava Action Camera

Technology has been making headways in every sphere of life, offering a gamut of benefits to people by making their lives easy and exciting. Riding on this wave of technological innovation is Graava; an action camera that has the ability to filter video footage and identify the most interesting and memorable portions. Graava action camera incorporates a variety of sensors that have the ability to detect the most exciting moments. The sensors enable the camera to shorten a long video with unwanted footage into a short and crisp video.

The Idea behind Graava

The main motive of building the Graava action camera is to save time people spend on editing video footage. Millions of people worldwide enjoy capturing beautiful moments in their life through a video camera but often end up never watching them again because they do not have the time, experience or the tools to edit the footage and convert into a short and interesting piece. Graava action camera aspires to change the way people share their experiences and memories.

Prominent Features of Graava Action Camera

  • Graava action camera is a smart camera that edits videos automatically.
  • The internal image sensors along with the microphone, accelerometer and GPS have the ability to figure out the moments that are worth remembering and automatically edits the footage for you.
  • By pairing the Graava action camera with a 3rd party heart rate monitor, the device can know when the user gets excited and can capture the most thrilling footage.
  • The 1100mAH battery enables users to shoot footage for up to 3 hours.
  • Graava action camera can be charged by placing the device onto the wireless charging mat.
  • All footage captured by the camera is automatically uploaded on the cloud.
  • When not capturing video, Graava action camera can be used in the home monitor mode to monitor activities inside your house.

Pros and Cons over GoPro Action Camera

  • Graava action camera has the capability to capture a moderate resolution video at 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps.
  • The still camera has the capacity to capture images only at 8 MP.
  • Graava action camera cannot shoot extremely slow motion.
  • It lacks the professional 4k model and screen and does not have an inbuilt memory card.
  • While the GoPro action camera has capability shoot high-resolution video footage, editing the footage is a tedious process.

The Graava App

With the Graava app, users can share their videos with family and friends by the click of one button.

Once the user selects the social media platform where he wants the video to the published, the app will cut the footage and convert it into an ideal duration for that platform.

Users can integrate their favourite song into the video and also combine footage from another camera to show multiple points of view.

Available on Pre-Order

Graava action camera can currently be pre-ordered from the company website for a discounted price of $249. It is estimated that the camera will be available for sale in the market in early 2016, at an MRP of $399.

Make Memories

Editing video through traditional methods is a painstaking process. Producing a 2 minute video is an hour-long process, requiring people to spend a lot of time and effort in editing. Graava action camera has the ability to make memories just like the brain does. By filtering out the uninteresting and boring parts, the video is converted into the perfect memory that can be watched again and again and can also be shared with family and friends instantly.