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GoSho: The Most Powerful Mini HD Projector is Here

GoSho Mini HD Projector

Here is GoSho, the most powerful, high-capacity and versatile mini HD projector that is about to be launched anytime soon. Yes, in spite of its present status as undergoing a crowdfunding campaign it looks all set to make through it. Already touted as the world’s most powerful mini HD projector it is capable to deliver up to 200-inch visuals in crisp HD quality. The visual experience through this projector is to be a no less than cinematic.

As for the success of the fundraising campaign, already it achieved massive applause and widespread appreciation from various corners. The GoSho mini HD projector in Indiegogo platform as of now raised a whopping 687% of its targeted fund goal. While the success of the product already seems ecstatic and overwhelming in all respects, it is the unique technology, design and high-performance features that make it such a coveted piece of a projector.

It is built to deliver a true cinematic experience

If you have been considering to give a makeshift to your home entertainment solution with a smart and cutting-edge projector that just offers the performance of a big projector with an extremely small body, you should for GoSho. As a cute projector with low footprint form factor, GoSho Mini HD just has a dimension of 3.5-inch. With that commendable tiny size, it is capable to deliver up to 200-inch visuals with crisp, sharp and detailed visual quality.

The best thing is while moving around or in travel, you do not need to compromise with the underrated visual experience provided by cheap portable projectors. Allowing you to project your media 200 times bigger with the harp quality it can just make the perfect entertainment solution whether you are at home or travel. It can turn your phone or tablet visuals onto the wall through Bluetooth or can be connected via HDMI or USB.

It comes with a story of expertise

GoSho belongs to that group of hi-tech products that comes with the expertise of some creative geeks constantly innovating to deliver a product capable to outsmart the existing standard of competitive products in the market. Developed by 1byone, a rising tech startup of Los-Angeles, GoSho has been created with the expert output of several talented techies and designers.

The company having already extensive experience in manufacturing and distributing of various hi-tech products like video doorbells, security systems, phone accessories, fog machines, TV antenna/amplifier, disco lights, etc, at last, came with a consumer electronics that can really position their brand globally. Yes, GoSho has the chemistry to make it a global success. It is so ahead of the competition with this projector that it is very likely to be the flagship product of the brand after formal launch.

You don’t need dongles anymore

GoSho doesn’t need connecting through dongles as it can easily deliver visuals on any flat surface just through Bluetooth. It looks small but it can really transform the entire visual experience in an unprecedented way. GoSho is completely compatible with all sorts of devices to project larger visual experience. It works with gaming consoles, smartphones, laptops, tv sticks, and even the smart voice assistants. You can connect it wirelessly and through the standard HDMI and USB ports.

Whether you want to take a look at your travel video or snaps or want to watch a real-time YouTube video transferred from the phone, all kind of visuals and media can be played with it. It can literally turn your workplace or cafe into a small movie theatre. As for visual output, the visual output of the GoSho is enriched with 180 ANSI lumens and this is the optimum brightness you can ever expect from a small projector like this. The crystal sharp clarity is really a positive attribute that gives any media content a clear edge when projected on the wall or a flat surface for viewing.

You can play media with this projector for 4 hours at a stretch and this is another area that gives it ca lear competitive edge over most projectors in the market. It is also compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant which means it can easily be a part of your smart home environment without any third party help.

Price and availability

GoSho is projected to flaunt a price tag of $499 and it is not cheap. But if you go for this product now, you can get an early bird offer for just $230. Though no credible information is out regarding the availability of the product, by taking the int from the impending month time of fundraising campaign, we can expect it to be delivered sometime around July or August this year.

Final verdict

It is unarguably one of the best projectors with a small form factor. But it is far from an affordable product and hence the early bird prices look really lucrative.