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GoPro’s Karma Grip Stabilizer to Capture Smooth Photos and Videos

GoPro Karma Grip

The GoPro Karma Grip was released recently and it gives you a new way to capture footage. The Karma Grip was originally paired with the Karna drone. The GoPro Karma Grip is also compatible with Hero 5 Black. It would take extra $29 for Hero 4 Black and Silver users to fit in their cameras. GoPro Karma Grip is a very useful and powerful addition to the GoPro camera. It is also a solid option than some of the existing grips.

Comes with a Mounting Ring

The Grip can’t stand on its own and there’s no tripod mount on the handle. But GoPro includes a mounting ring that slips in between the handle and the stabilizer sections. The metal collar can be attached to any GoPro mount or any other third-party mounts that use GoPro connectors. GoPro comes with an extension cable that connects between the stabilizer and handles. This way, you’ll be able to mount the stabilizer on a helmet.

Capture Shake Free Video

  1. Video Stabilisation: Karma Grip will keep your shot steady whether you are out for a run, hike, or just a bicycle ride. It helps you capture stabilized footage so smooth that even your ordinary pictures will start to look extraordinary.
  2. Hold it or Wear it: Karma Grip can be handheld or body-worn to capture incredibly smooth, shake-free video.
  3. Convenient: Karma Grip and GoPro work together as one. All you have to do is simply connect your GoPro, turn out the grip and shoot. The two can charge at the same time and you can offload your footage without unmounting your camera.
  4. Controls: On the handle you get buttons for power and changing shooting modes, adding highlight tags to your videos, starting and stopping recordings as well as a tilt-lock button that also gives you battery status. Pressing the tilt-lock lets you aim the camera above or below the horizon and keep it at that angle. Double tapping it will lock the camera to follow a subject, so you can move on someone while keeping them framed in your shot.
  5. Battery: The Grip has a built-in rechargeable battery rated for up to one hour and 45 minutes of use. It takes six hours to fully power up with a 1-amp charger. 6 hours is a long time considering the battery is non-removable. But GoPro comes with a fast charger that cuts that time down to just under two hours. A USB-C port is used for charging the Grip and the camera. You can also transfer your shots without removing the camera.

The Verdict

The GoPro Karma Grip is available at $299 and comes with a case and accessories like a mounting ring and an extension cable. You can use the mounting ring to attach Karma Grip to GoPro mounts. Using the extension cable, you can mount the stabilizer and grip separately for maximum mounting versatility.