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GoPro Hero: The New Affordable Action Camera for Perfect Shot

Finally, there is a GoPro camera that comes really affordable and cheap. This new GoPro which comes with the simple Hero tag and no number following it just like earlier versions such as GoPro Hero 5 or 6 is the cheapest avatar of this versatile camera accessory popular worldwide. It has been simplified to a great extent to meet the basic requirements of a GoPro camera for which it so popular. Though it lacks all the advanced and cutting-edge features loaded with Hero6 priced at $399 or the Hero5 priced at $299, this new Hero fairly does everything you expect from an action camera.

It is a stripped-off GoPro with a straightforward value

The new GoPro Hero can shoot crisp HD video with awesome 1440p and 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second speed and delivers superb 10MP stills. To add more value to your shooting experience with the camera it also comes with an electronic video stabilization feature to prevent the camera from creating unwanted effects from movements.

But don’t expect it to shoot 4K videos or ultra-lucid slow-motion video shots that you got from the Hero5 and Hero6. It also comes with few other shortcomings when compared with other GoPro cameras. It doesn’t offer optical image stabilization capacity just like expensive GoPro cameras like GoPro 5 or GoPro 6. But you need not complain about these lacking since this camera has been stripped of these advanced features just to deliver a simple photographic experience. Most of the time you need to hit the “Record” button and you are done.

Still, there is a lot more to expect

If the above description makes you think that the new GoPro is blander and lacks depth in feature set, you are wrong. It offers all the goodness of a GoPro camera with a fairly Impressive range of features ranging from a 2-inch touch display, voice control feature to start and stop recording with just voice commands, and great waterproofing which allows you to take a dip with this camera in a depth of 30 feet. Besides, it is fully compatible with most of the mounting hardware that is available. This is really a big deal as the camera is mainly intended for trying their hands in action cameras for the first time.

For hobbyists and youngsters, the HD video with 1440p resolution is great for filming in all kinds of outdoor atmospheres. For youngsters who want to share the video clips instantly on YouTube or social platforms, the video quality is more than enough. Moreover, the new GoPro Hero offers a smartphone app as with its other versions and with this app the user can share files instantly and edit videos on the touchscreen without any difficulties.

Grabbing key offerings at a glance

Let us have a look at the key offerings of the new GoPro Hero:

  • It can record HD video at 1080p or 1440p at 60/30 fps and can record MP4 at 60Mbps.
  • It can take 10MP still photos.
  • It can also shoot Burst Photos at 10fps.
  • It can also snap time-lapse photos and video with 0.5-second intervals.
  • It comes with voice controls for starting and stopping recording with simple voice command.
  • It offers electronic video stabilization.
  • There is built-in Wi-Fi for connectivity.
  • It also allows sending video clips to the phone and turning them into a smooth video with the mobile app of GoPro.

Affordable Pricing

GoPro looks all committed to making its action cameras more affordable to the buyers. This is why the company recently decreased the rice of its premium cameras which now comes at $499 to $399. The new GoPro Hero comes at the much affordable price of just $199. It is the cheapest action camera with all-around value proposition from the company as of now.

An ambitious move

With the smartphone cameras are increasingly offering competitive level quality to standalone cameras, the action cameras need to come affordable along with succinct value proposition. The new GoPro Hero is an effort to address this situation. This new offering will help the company competing in the low budget market. It will also allow the company to make value proposition against professional grade smartphone cameras.

But most importantly, it will take the brand closer to the newbies and youngsters whose photographic exploits mostly remain limited to smartphone snaps. In that respect, the GoPro Hero is a great value addition to the already competitive action camera market. The Hero priced at $199 can help youngsters fulfilling their filmmaking ambitions with more gusto than ever before.