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Now Enjoy Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity with Google’s Smart OnHub Router

OnHub Router

Technological innovations have brought with them a multitude of features that are making human lives easier. With hordes of apps available that promise to perform a variety of tasks, high-speed and uninterrupted Internet connections have become the foundation of a happy and satisfied mobile or web user.

Uninterrupted Connection

Google, partnering with TP-Link, has launched a smart Wi-Fi router called OnHub that promises to overcome all the issues that people currently face with their existing routers. From sluggish connections, to videos endlessly buffering and dropped connections – with OnHub users can now enjoy Internet connectivity that is fast, secure and easy to use. According to Google, OnHub is easy to set up and manage and offers high performance for a variety of smart home gadgets.

Unique Antenna Design

  • OnHub incorporates an aesthetic design that makes it immensely different from normal Internet routers.
  • The cylindrical shaped device has subtle lights and contains all the wires and antennas inside the shell, which makes users OnHub as much as a home decor item as a technology gadget.
  • The circular design incorporates 13 antennas inside of it that facilitate better network penetration throughout the house.
  • Apart from being good looking, OnHub encompasses a unique antenna design along with smart software that automatically scans local airways and selects the channel that’s the fastest and the best for the user.
  • By spontaneously adjusting the network, OnHub avoids interference and allows users to enjoy peak performance from their Internet connections.
  • Additionally, the router has the ability to install updates and new features, as and when they are released to provide users with a smooth, interference-free connection.

Dedicated Mobile App

OnHub can be controlled through a mobile app called On that can be downloaded from app stores. The mobile app gives users the freedom to manage all their connected devices and keep a tab on their network connectivity. It enables users to control all the disparate Internet connected devices in their homes. Through the app, users can view the number of connected devices and also send Wi-Fi passwords instantly to their friends and family. Users will also have the ability to prioritize a device so that they can enable faster Internet connections on devices that run data-heavy activities like content or movie download.

Interesting Features of OnHub

  • OnHub is a device friendly router that enables seamless connectivity for a variety of Internet connected devices.
  • It has the capability to offer speeds upto 1900 Mbps and supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.
  • The 4 GB of internal storage makes auto updates easy and stress-free.
  • Apart from offering users with unlimited and uninterrupted connectivity, OnHub is said to support Bluetooth.
  • Additionally, OnHub is expected to be compatible with Google’s new smart home language Weave, which will eventually allow OnHub to function as a smart home hub.

Currently Available in the US

OnHub has been launched in the US and is available for download from the Google Store in addition to Amazon and Walmart websites. It is currently priced at $199.99.

Facilitating the Smart Home Concept

OnHub aspires to overcome the issues being faced by today’s impatient world. Fast and easy access to information has become the prime aim of network providers so as to ensure a gratifying user experience and a satisfied customer. With the launch of OnHub, Google aims to revolutionize the router market and the things it can achieve. By offering a dedicated mobile app to manage devices and network connections, OnHub is on the path to facilitate the Internet of Things and smart home concept which is soon going to engulf the world.