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Google Pixel C – is it the Best Tablet that you can Buy?

Google Pixel C

Tablets have been dwindling in sales but the overall interest hasn’t diminished yet. Google is trying to power the market with an incredible tablet that is bound to attract many.

The Google Pixel C is slim, compact tablet of aluminium build that is sturdy and robust from the outside. Its Bluetooth keyboard is beautiful and it doubles up as the tablet’s cover too. The tablet has a powerful battery that can run for hours.

New Feel, Great Specs

Being the latest tablet from Google, this has a different feel than the regular Nexus ones because of the Pixel line that included Chromebooks. Pixel C includes a removable keyboard with polished metal case is the best among Android slates and one of the only real competitors to the iPad. Weight might be a deterrent here since it clocks about 1.13 pounds.

The newest tablet from Google boasts of performance that is lightning fast. The screen is incredibly sharp, and colourful. One of the best aspects of Pixel C is that it includes all existing Windows software along with a multitasking interface. Also, it is the only tablet to use NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 processor and hence the bulky frame can be seen.

Keyboard Accessory with Google Pixel C

The keyboard accessory features an all-metal case with keys that are actually great to type, boasting of great responsiveness. The Pixel C keyboard might be cramped and does not include the regular touchpad. One has to rely on fingers to manipulate the screen.

With the help of embedded magnets, the tablet can snap together well. But it also features some crucial usability issues. One can tilt the tablet forward to the point where it can jump off the stand. The screen wobbles while typing on the lap.

The keyboard accessory costs around $149 extra.

Specifications that Define Pixel C

  • Smooth metal case with polished chamfered metal edges, resounding stereo speakers and a useful USB-C port for charging the device.
  • 10.2-inch sharp LCD screen running 2,560 by 1,800 resolution.
  • The screen covers a wide range of the entire sRGB color section.
  • Compatible with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow with better handling of the optimization update, granular app permissions and a complete overall experience.
  • Great handling of the virtual assistant for finding out details on different topics.
  • Multiple tablet-focused Android apps including Gmail and Evernote and numerous panes of information and utilization of estate.

Google hasn’t yet offered split-screen functionality although some vendors have dared to do that with Samsung being the frontrunner and Apple using the same idea in their latest iOS 9. Windows 10 can multitask with ease and one can expect Google to enable the feature soon.

Pricing and USP

With prices starting from $500, Pixel C features a spectacular screen that can deliver fast performance and a battering that is long-lasting in the truest sense.

One of the best features of the tablet is the elegance of its aluminium design and with a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard one can view this tablet as a magnificent productivity-geared hybrid tablet. It works well as a cross between a laptop and a tablet and succeeds in doing so.

One can actually compare this Google Pixel C with iPad Air 2 and call it an even competition although Apple enthusiasts would rate iPad 2 as the overall best tablet. Android enthusiasts would rate Google Pixel C owing to its fantastic keyboard, great screen and swift performance that can put many of the tablets to shame.